101 Things 2.0


The Mission:: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
*Check out my first 101 Things list here. Learn more about the project here.

Start Date:: June 24, 2013
Finish Date:: March 21, 2016

Italic – In progress.
Crossed out
 – Completed.
Red – Failed.

01. Eat 100% raw for one week.
02. Try a Brazilian wax.
03. Answer the “50 QUESTIONS THAT WILL FREE YOUR MIND”  (5/50: answers shared on this page.)
04. Write a letter to myself to be read in exactly one year.
05. Write a letter to myself to be read in 5 years.
06. Send a secret to POSTSECRET.
07. Start a Graduation Book for Little Man, for all teachers to sign a note starting with his Kindergarten teacher.
08. Have ‘Christmas in July’ and surprise loved ones with handmade gifts.
09. Write 5 letters to people who have influenced me, thanking them.
10. Leave 10 inspiring notes in random places to be found by whoever needs them.
11. ‘Finish’ learning to play the guitar and write a song.
12. Drive (or ride) REALLY fast somewhere!
13. Carry a sketchbook daily for one week and sketch anything that comes to mind.
14. Go on a road trip with an undetermined destination (must be a place that I’ve never been before).
15. Visit at least three more National Parks. (Visiting all 50 before I die is on my Bucket List…). (Congaree National Park, 11/2013)
Photo Nov 23, 11 28 36 AM







16. Go rock climbing.
17. Visit at least one new country. 

18. Meet with Financial Advisor, set up portfolios for 529 and Brokerage account. (June 25, 2013)







19. Release sky lanterns at night.
20. Finally go through all of The Hub’s things in the garage and consolidate.
21. Take my Mama to Glacier National Park.
22. See at least 3 concerts. (Mumford, 9/13!)
23. Read my sister’s book (long story behind why I haven’t yet).
24. Do a photography study of something that interests me, and share it on the blog.
25. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

26. Do a ‘Day in My Life’ post on this blog.
27. Read 10 classic books that I either haven’t read since high school or should have read but never got around to (tracking list here).
28. Find my perfect shade of red lipstick.

29. Go ziplining.
30. Do a Random Acts of Kindness day.
31. Create built-in bookcases in play/reading area.

32. Paint a mural/message on the 34th St wall. (B’s 5th anniversary?)
33. Design and get memorial tattoo (finally).

34. Find my home church and or make peace with where I should be with all that.
35. Watch 26 classic or cult movies I’ve never seen, starting with each letter of the alphabet (tracking list here).
36. Go skydiving again!
37. Reach my fitness goal.
38. Take Little Man camping.
39. Finish my MBA!

40. Decide on my career path and begin working, if applicable.
41. Finally begin compiling/writing the memoir.
42. Run a half marathon!
43. Fill an entire coloring book just for me!
44. Leave a message on the mirror of a public bathroom.
45. Try a Zumba class.
46. Take Little Man on a Disney cruise.
47. Visit at least 5 new cities (5/5, Anna Maria Island, FL; Paris, France; London, England; Dubai, UAE; Nairobi, Kenya)

48. Go geocaching with Little Man and find at least 10 caches.
49. Volunteer with at least two new organizations.
50. Invest in a new bike.
51. Build/create at least 5 new DIY projects. (Jewelry with A)
52. Have my Nanny’s headstone fixed.
53. Publish a photograph in a magazine/book/website.
54. Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days challenge. (Began on April 1 2014-made it 15 days, eek. Do Over!!)
55. Update my Will.

56. Organize a fundraiser run in memory of The Hubs with proceeds to the EODWF.

57. Hike to a new waterfall.
58. Keep a dream journal for one week.
59. Research tattoo removal for the one I don’t like. (picked a place, now to decide to do it…)

60. Take lessons/classes in something new.
61. Make a new friend.

62. Visit at least 10 new places around town (museums, parks, etc). (2/10: Hogtown Headwaters, Ring Park,)

63. Send random anonymous encouragements to friends and family.
64. Read the Bible in order from start to finish. (re-started a one-year reading plan on Aug. 11, 2014)
65. Recycle more regularly.

66. Organize my files/photos/backup hard drive.
67. Try 10 new local restaurants. (5/10: Leonardo’s, Sweet Dreams, Dolce Vita, Harvest Thyme, Blue Agave,)
68. Get professional photos taken.
69. Participate in a flash mob!
70. Write my personal life mission statement.
71. Register on the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. (June 30, 2013)

72. Succeed in giving something up for Lent.
73. Enter a writing contest.
74. Take a monthly ‘Little Man and Mommy’ date.
75. Send letters to troops with Little Man.
76. Add 2 new pieces of artwork to the gallery wall in the reading area.
77. Have a craft/recipe/Pinterest night with my bestie! (July 6, 2013)

78. Submit an article to the Huffington Post.
79. Read 10 motivational/inspirational/growth books (tracking list here).
80. Minimize and declutter each main area of the house (8/10: Little Man’s room, play/reading area, office, my room, living room, dining room, kitchen, H’s bathroom)
81. Hike a new mountain.
82. Have a picnic complete with pretty basket and blanket. (we didn’t have a basket, but the Eiffel Tower made up for it!)

83. Open an Etsy shop.
84. Try a Hatha (hot) yoga class.
85. Run at least 5 5k’s!
86. Get away to a bed and breakfast for some alone time. (July 24-25, 2013)

87. Bake some fancy homemade bread.
88. Do an emergency preparedness drill at home with Little Man.
89. Go berry picking.
90. Be matched to a giving opportunity through Volunteer Match.
91. Take Little Man to the theater.
92. Have porch pressure-washed and redecorate. (Halfway-cleaning done, need to decorate)

93. Do a FB ‘friend’ cleanup.

94. Ride in a jeep in the sides open. (bonus points for safari!! awesome!)

95. Get a massage.
96. Create a list of 101 things that make me happy, thankful, and humbled.
97. Do a pinup photo shoot!
98. Complete NaNoWriMo again.
99. Gift someone with something that totally surprises them and totally makes their day.

100. Inspire someone else to make their own 101 Things list (please comment below and I’ll link to you!)

and…..101. Photograph each goal (if possible).

Paige Velzeboer

I admire your courage and hope. I am also an EOD wife, my husband just medically retired after 12 years in the MC and we are trying to figure out the next steps. thank you for sharing your story and email me back if I can send you a Starbucks gift card as I work for the company and would love to send you a tiny little gift to say thank you for all that you have done. a treat for mommy :-)

Liz Voss

Hi, I just came across your blog after several months of looking for someone that I could relate to. My husband passed away unexpectedly on 9/7/13 at the age of 34 (one week before his 35th). I’m turning 38 on Sunday (also father’s day). This coming weekend is giving me feelings of anxiety and grief all over again. Like you, I thought I was in a better place recenly. I also am not sure if I’ve gone through one or all of the stages. I am a very positive person and want to keep moving forward, sometimes others don’t exactly understand this. I have two boys 14 and 8 and my heart/mind tell me that if they see me continuing to live life to the fullest that they too will want that. I never want them to use their dad’s passing as a crutch in life. It happened, we will remember him forever, but we need to live. Anyway, I’m just glad to have found your writings and would love to communicate with you in some way. Thanks for your time.


Liz, thank you so much for reaching out! I am so glad you found the blog and that we can connect in this way. I relate to so much of what you have said, and my heart goes out to you. I’d love to keep in touch! <3

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