101 Things

The post below chronicles my first “101 Things” list. I began this project when I was deep in the throws of grief from losing my husband. Having this list of adventures and goals to work toward and scratch off helped me work my way through my numb existence and begin to live again.

I completed this list in the fall of 2012 with a significant amount of goals accomplished! There were a few that were not completed and will be carried over to my new “101 Things 2.0” list beginning July 1, 2013. To celebrate the finale, on June 1, 2o13 (the day I updated the list, very late I know) I made a donation to the Armed Forces Foundation in accordance with #40 and #41 on the list. A total of $358 was donated to the AFF: $150 for 75 completed tasks and $208 for 26 not completed tasks.

I’d say this is a win all around!


The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part). Cross them off as you do them, and add the dates. Include the date you started the list and the finishing date.

Start Date :: January 6, 2010
Finish Date :: October 3, 2012

Bold – In progress.
Crossed out – Completed!
Red – Failed.

Heath and Body
01. Drink more water, at least two bottles a day.
02. Take vitamins daily.
03. Get thee to a dentist! Get caught up on all dental health; when complete, look into Invisalign.
04. Give up all fast food for two consecutive months.
05. Exercise regularly, at least three times per week.
06. Stay current on eye/gyn/physical appointments each year.
07. Eat Raw for one week.
08. Research Lasik eye surgery. Get the balls to think about doing it!
09. Lower body fat percentage and increase overall strength. [I *did* lower it, so technically I completed this, but it wasn’t enough!!]
10. Treat myself to a massage, pedicure, or facial once per month for a while.
11. Try a Brazilian wax!
12. Switch from coffee to tea daily for a month to see caffeine impact.
13. Let my hair grow for one year – only cut to trim/shape and encourage growth.

Healing and Growing
14. Answer the “50 QUESTIONS THAT WILL FREE YOUR MIND” (2/50) (Answers shared on this page.) [finished a few, but not all]
15. Write in journal at least once a week.
16. Make an appointment with a therapist, and go to it. Regularly.
17. Write a letter to myself to be read in exactly one year.
18. Write a letter to myself to be read in 5 years.
19. Send a secret to POSTSECRET.
20. Create/participate in any and all possible memorial/honorary events/donations in The Hub’s honor.
21. Brainstorm and develop an idea for a charitable foundation in The Hub’s name.
22. Plant a garden, cultivate it, and watch it grow.
23. Take 5 minutes per day for a week to sit completely alone outside and just be.
24. Decide what I want to ‘do’ in life — develop a long-term goal.


25. Complete Little Man’s baby book and first year photo album.
26. Create memory journal for Little Man and write in it often. [made the journal but didn’t write in it :( ]
27. Eat dinner at the table with Little Man at least 4 nights a week.
28. Have a “Mommy and Son” day with Little Man, doing something new, monthly.
29. Connect with my sister in some way (phone, email, visit) weekly.
30. Have ‘Christmas in July’ and surprise loved ones with handmade gifts.
31. Take Mom somewhere, anywhere, to see the world!
32. Go on a Girl’s Weekend vacation with my sister.
33. Send birthday cards to every family member each year.

Giving Back
34. Join SOLDIERS ANGELS. Remain active on at least one Team.
35. Send Care Packages overseas to troops.
36. Get involved with a charity; participate in at least one big volunteer event a year.
37. Write 5 letters to people who have influenced me, thanking them. [did one]
38. Leave 10 inspiring notes in random places to be found by someone. [got through a few]
39. Complete 10 random acts of kindness.
40. Donate $2 to the ARMED FORCES FOUNDATION for every goal accomplished. [DONATED June 1, 2013 when list was updated!]
41. Donate $8 to the ARMED FORCES FOUNDATION for every goal NOT accomplished. [DONATED June 1, 2013 when list was updated!]
42. Recycle as much as possible.

Creative Juices
43. ‘Finish’ learning to play the guitar. Write at least one song.
44. Learn to knit. Complete at least one piece. [Learned how, but never did anything with it, it frustrated me!]
45. Start painting again.
46. Get back into photography; revamp equipment and decide on business or not.
47. Read 50 new books. 
48. Watch 50 new films. 
49. Photograph each completed task (or something that represents it). [Didn’t do this…]
50. Complete “WRECK THIS JOURNAL.”
51. Make a piece of memorial jewelry for Mama B out of some of The Hubs’ things. [Didn’t do this, but have plans to…]
52. Carry a sketchbook daily for one week and sketch anything that comes to mind. [Same as above..]

New Adventures
53. Go on a road trip to a undetermined destination that I’ve never been to before. [Unfortunately I never got the chance to do this!! Still on my list for sure!!]
54. Visit at least three National Parks. (2 of 3! Glacier National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park) [Ahhhhh I got 2 out of 3!! Visiting all 50 before I die is on my Bucket List….]
55. Go rock climbing. [never did this…]
56. Go skydiving.
57. Go on a hiking/camping trip.
58. Learn to ride a motorcycle and get motorcycle license!
59. Train for and run in a 5k.
60. Travel/vacation somewhere alone.
61. Visit at least one new country. [Didn’t get the chance…]
62. Visit at least three new museums.
63. Go geocaching.
64. Get my palm read just for the fun of it. [just never did..]

65. Stay on top of tracking finances and budgets.
66. Meet with a Financial Advisor; .set up a Trust Fund for Little Man and investments [second half didn’t get done, but is actually scheduled for next week…]
67. Complete my Will.
68. Organize and backup all music and photos on computer.
69. Revamp entire wardrobe, replacing with only well-fitting quality pieces.

70. Get my next tattoo…or two.
71. Master at least 50 of the “75 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD MASTER”
72. Stay informed; read the paper more.

Reserved for the Future
73. Start a blog and write regularly.
74. Work on self-image; get comfortable in my new skin.
75. Get a group together to release lanterns for The Hubs. [still want to do this!!!!]
76. Finally go through all of The Hub’s things in the garage. [not pressuring myself anymore about this, it will happen when the time is right..]
77. Work harder at the damn phone! Try to keep it with me and return calls right away.
78. Reconnect with God and find a church home.
79. Go back to South Dakota, see the house again in hopes of finding a little closure.
80. Reconnect with old friends.
81. Sell at least one photograph.

Added as of January 2012
82. Take a painting class.
83. Go on a Girl’s Roadtrip!
84. See my best Jess, however we have to make it happen!
85. Take my Mama to Glacier National Park. [still on the to-do list!!!]
86. Hike (if you can call it that in FL) at least 3 new trails.
87. Complete puppy training class for Oliver.
88. Plan and execute a successful first Welcome Luncheon for the EODMF Legacy Committee.
89. See at least 2 concerts. [ahhh, got in several *right* after the deadline!!]
90. Go out on a date.
91. Share some of my old writing.
92. Read my sister’s book. (long story behind why I haven’t yet) [still haven’t, which makes me officially the world’s worst sister…]
93. Get Invisalign.
94. Break my addiction to that one awful bad habit.
95. Research and plan for private schooling for Little Man.
96. Clear out computer files for photos, etc. from the last few years, delete, organize, etc.
97. Set a plan for reading my Bible and stick to it.
98. Make at least one new friend.
99. Enroll in Graduate School!
100. Do a photography study of something that in interests me, and share it. [ didn’t do this, still want to…]

And the grand finale:

101. Be able to check off everything above!! :) [i couldn’t quite do this, but i’m DAMN proud of the amount of scratched off items!! that’s a lot of living! and a lot more to come…]

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