The Disease Called Perfection

I stumbled across this blog post today and it left me in tears. This is something every, and I repeat EVERY, widow should read. We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to try so damn hard to put on the brave face. Why do we put that immense pressure on ourselves, especially in the midst of crushing grief?

I encourage everyone, widow or not, to read this post on Single Dad Laughing‘s blog. It is truly powerful. What are your imperfections? Embrace them, embrace the real you. We don’t need perfection, just each other.

This was the second blog I read that linked to that post (the first one was from a blogger who has a kid with diabetes. Her post was entitled “The Other F Word” and she was encouraging her readers to stop telling everyone we’re FINE when we really aren’t.

That dude’s post struck a lot of chords in the blogosphere yesterday. Thanks for sharing.


He made such an important point. Thank you for reading!


Wow….. He’s so right. Thankyou for sharing this, Erin.

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