Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos was a very nice evening. It was relaxed, with plenty of good food and smiles at the memory of The Hubs. We watched silly shows, poured out a beer for him, and basked in the adorableness of The Little Man. We laughed at old stories and memories, and we looked ahead to the future. The evening was lovely, just as The Hubs was and is.

Our ofrenda didn’t end up quite as I imagined it. I couldn’t find the molds for the sugar skulls, so I improvised with a plastic Halloween skull. Not only was it wayy too large, but it cracked before it was completely dry. Oh well, it was still decorated and had my clumsy artistic touch, which The Hubs would have liked. :) I also couldn’t coordinate my hands enough to create paper marigolds, so I ended up shredding the paper and scattering ‘marigold petals’. It’s all about the improv, baby.

L-R items on first detail picture: wacky sugar skull, two wallet-sized pictures that The Hubs wore inside of his helmet in Afghanistan, the negligee I wore on our honeymoon, wedding rings, a dried rose, three love letters he saved from our dating days, framed picture of The Hubs and The Little Man, his EOD patch from his vest, his name badge from his blues, the Kadena EOD coin he always carried, and EOD crab badge, his watch that he always wore and was on him when he was killed (still set to Afghanistan time), his dogtags

T-B items on second detail picture: plenty of candles, a picture and sticker The Little Man colored for Daddy, an open bottle of Blue Moon (his fav beer), packages of Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers (his two fav candies), a freshly grilled burger using his awesome recipe, tots, and asparagus (funny combo, but a few of his favorites), a scarf he brought me home from his first tour in Afghanistan

L-R on last detail picture: framed picture (our favorite), his favorite incense, a guitar pick, the key to his mtorcycle (which he never got to ride), the black flag flown on a motorcycle during the memorial ride last May, a wooden Tiki we picked up on our anniversary, THE Llama (long story, haha), a framed picture of us from my sisters desk

What a beautiful collection and tribute.


Very Beautiful!

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