I’m back! And Halloween.

It’s been quiet around here lately, sorry all. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and haven’t really felt like writing at all. Add in a few milestones, searching for a new house, Halloween, and plenty of toddler craziness, and you get a dead blog. But I’m back! :)

Yesterday was Halloween. Last year we didn’t do much; The Hubs was so looking forward to dressing our son up as a pirate when he arrived home from his deployment, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it alone. Sadly that didn’t happen, so this year we decided to do up Halloween for Daddy. The Little Man made the awesomest pirate ever! He really enjoyed walking around my hometown’s Halloween festival on Saturday and trick-or-treating down the same street I used to as a kid. Sunday we dressed up again and trick-or-treated Daddy, leaving him the pumpkin we carved for him and lit brightly to shine all night. <3

Because no post is complete without pictures:

And yep. I dressed as a 40’s widow. :P

Oh, his pirate PANTS, I love them so much!

I think lighting a pumpkin for your husband is a great idea.

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