My Old Friend Grief

This passage from an article was shared with me this morning and it really made an impact.

I’ve been struggling lately with facing the reality of my husband’s death, a major loss that I have outwardly acknowledged, of course, but inwardly/emotionally tried to ignore and deny existed. Denying your emotions and deep feelings of grief only makes them worse, as I’ve experienced. This message gives me hope that one day, my old friend Grief won’t paralyze me anymore, but will instead offer me an opportunity to carry my husband with me always and live the life I still have ahead of me with deeper appreciation, richer experience, and abundant love.

If you are traveling on this same crazy grief journey, I hope this gives you hope too.

“My old friend Grief doesn’t get in the way of my living. He just wants to drop by and chat sometimes. In fact, Grief has taught me, over the years, that if I try to deny the reality of a major loss in my life, I end up having to deny life altogether. He has taught me that although the pain of loss is great, I must confront it and experience it fully or else risk emotional paralysis.

Old Grief has also taught me that I can survive even great losses and that although my world is very different after a major loss, it is still my world and life is worth living. He has taught me that when I am willing to be pruned by the losses that come, I can flourish again in season, not in spite of loss, but because of it.

My old friend, Grief, has taught me that the loss of a loved one does not mean the loss of love, for love is stronger that separation and longer than the permanence of death.”

-Adolfo Quezada, from the Tucson Arizona Daily Star

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