DIY Tutorial | Necklace Hanger – Jewelry Holder

Did you know this widow chick is, among other things, also an avid fan of all things crafty? I am often bitten by the project bug, inspired by random wants and needs to create. I love to make things, to think up possibilities and turn them into reality. The act of using my hands and heart to create something is simultaneously soothing and invigorating, and the feeling of satisfaction when gazing upon the finished product is unlike anything else.

With everything going on in my life the past year and a half, I’ve lost touch with my creative side. In the past week or so of trying to tune into the optimism, energy, and peace of living in the moment, the crafty wave has hit me again. And I’ve decided to share with you!

While moving into my new house, I’ve been focusing on simplifying and organizing. One of the worst areas to accomplish this? My room! Over the years I have accumulated way too many clothes, purses, scarves, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. The clothes have been fairly simple–if you know me personally, you know my shape has changed since having my son and many of my favorite old clothes no longer fit! Those have been handed on to others who need them; I’ll get more when and if I ever reach that size again. But the accessories…especially, my mounds of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. How do you efficiently, effectively, and attractively store such things?

While browsing on Pinterest (I’m addicted, check out my pins!), I’ve seen many variations of the picture frame jewelry holder. I decided to take this idea and give it my own twist. Behold my first crafty DIY tutorial!

[Edited to add note: Since this post has grown so popular, I feel the need to reiterate that this tutorial is simply my take on a popular design currently going around crafty blogs. There are many versions of this hanger out there, you can find more options by googling for “necklace hanger”! Happy crafting!)

This jewelry holder is pretty simple and quick to create. You can personalize it to fit your decor by choosing your desired frame and fabric. Materials you’ll need: a picture frame, fabric, cup hooks, a silk flower, super glue, and scissors.

To begin, spread out your fabric. I’m using a piece I already had that will match well with my green, blue, and white bedroom. If you want to be precise, you could iron it. I didn’t, but I’m lazy like that. ;) Find the section of pattern (if applicable) you’d like to feature and lay your frame down, making sure your lines are even and straight. Trace around the edge of the frame.

Cut out your piece of fabric. Flip your frame over and line up the edges with the face side down, again being sure your pattern is straight and how you’d like it to appear.

This is where the simpleton in me shows. I’m sure there are more efficient ways to secure the fabric to the frame; I tried carpet tacks, but the ones I had were too long so I just used super glue. Quick and fairly simple to remove should I want to dismantle this later and reuse the frame.

Begin by gluing down the top left corner. Put your glue on the frame and press the fabric down evenly and firmly. Hold down for a while, but be sure to move your fingers a bit or put something between your fingers and fabric. Super glue can and will seep through the fabric and glue your freaking finger to the cloth. (Not that I know from experience. There isn’t a tiny piece of blue cotton glued to my right index finger right now or anything.)

Put a thin line of glue along the upper edge of the frame and on the top right corner. Pulling the fabric taught, firmly press and glue it onto the frame, again being sure it’s straight. Continue in this fashion clockwise around the frame, being sure to let each section dry before moving to the next, pulling taught and keeping the fabric straight.

Flip the frame over and trim any excess fabric from the edges so it isn’t visible from the front. If you need to attach hanging hardware, go ahead and install it on top of the fabric where needed. If your frame already has hanging hardware attached, you’ll need to cut away the fabric to expose it. Mine is sloppy, in true Erin fashion.


Now for the hooks. I used standard cup hooks, you can find these in the home hardware section of most major stores, near the screws and nails and picture hanging hardware. Line your hooks up evenly along the top edge and mark the frame.

Now screw in each hook. Side note, depending on your style of frame you may find it easier to screw in the hooks *before* attaching the fabric. It was pretty cramped moving my fingers in the tiny space there and my fabric got a little stretched from the motion of my hands. Not enough for me to care though.

And a close up so you can see where they are attached, down in the inside edge where the glass and backing of the frame would have been.

Now it’s time to embellish it a little. I chose a fabric mum I picked up during my first excursion to Ikea a month ago (Holy cow, I love that place! Why had I never been before? Probably because it’s nearly two hours away, which is probably for the best.) and hadn’t found a use for yet. You could use whatever you fancy, it would be pretty with ribbons or buttons. Hmm, buttons…idea. Anyway, I snipped the stem off the mum and then removed the green bottom part so it would lay flat. Don’t trim too much of the plastic stem though, or you’ll lose your petals.

This is where I should have gotten out my hot glue gun, but I was too lazy to dig for it in my closet so I just stuck the flower on with a piece of double-sided cushion tape. It’s not very tight, so I’ll probably end up gluing it later anyway. (Geeze, I’m a messy crafter!)

And your done! Isn’t it pretty? :D

And here it is in action! In hindsight, I could have used a few more hooks and I’ll probably end up doubling up necklaces because they aren’t all on there. But it is light years better than leaving them all strewn about. And it’s pretty! I have an idea for a matching hanger for earrings, I’ll probably make it tomorrow if the kidlet allows so check back for that tutorial.

So there you have it. My first DIY tutorial! I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft and it if you make your own necklace hanger, please share it with me! I’d love to see what you create. <3 If you have ideas you’d like to see in future tutorials, let me know!


That looks incredible Erin! I am tempted to do it myself except I have so many necklaces it won’t look as chi as yours. Don’t worry about being a messy crafter, if nobody else can tell its done right!


You should do it! I have tons more necklaces than are shown in the picture; I’ve since added them and it still works beautifully. Maybe not as pretty, but still functional. ;) If you do make it, let me know!


This is brilliant, I tried to make one using cork and covering it with almost identical fabric but I couldn’t figure out a way to attach it to the wall that would hold for more than a couple of days. Yours is much better!


Aww thanks! I love the idea of using cork! If you make it, please share pictures!

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Jessica Davis

LOVE THIS! I even made one myself! I read this one night and went to walmart the next day! Next time I think I will use hot glue lol because by the end of it… hands were COVERED in super glue lol! oh AND my new coffee table….oops :) but I had fun and was sooooo excited when i finished and realized I can be crafty :) thanks for sharing bestie! Love you!

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wow- that’s a really cute jewelry hanger! Love the color fabric you chose.

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