Memorial Day 2011

On this Memorial Day, may we reflect upon and honor the sacrifice made by ALL of our fallen heroes. They’ve paid the ultimate price so that we may live in freedom today. Thank you is not enough.

For me, this day is especially difficult and heartbreaking as I honor my late husband SSgt Bryan Berky, killed in action by wounds sustained in combat in Afghanistan in September 2009.

As said in a moving article I read recently, “Memorial Day is meant to remind folks of the sacrifice borne by those who fell in battle in defense of the country, as well as their families. But once you lose someone in combat, Memorial Day bleeds across the rest of the calendar.”

Every day is your memorial day, babe. I will love you always.


Beautiful! Remain strong sweet Erin! Know that you are surrounded by love from your EOD family.

Tiffany Ellis

I just explained the meaning of today and veteran’s day to a relative who is awaiting initial training in the airforce. He is excited and now I think he will always look at these days a little more differently. You are wonderful example of a strong woman. It’s more profound because you are young. Most times when people think of widows they think of older women, not of women in their mid 20’s. Stay strong.


Thank you so much!


It’s so wonderful any time we can use our experiences to help someone else understand the true meaning of Memorial Day. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for your sweet words and support!

It is my privilege to call you my friend and I am grateful to you and Bill and Sonya for your unyielding determination and the continued support they lend to the men and women still wearing the crab and their families. Gratitude never seems like enough, but at times it’s all we have, so Thank You!


Thank you Stephanie! And thank YOU for all you do, it takes a strong special person to live the lifestyle and you do it amazingly!

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