Simply Sunday

First off, thank you, all of my wonderful friends and readers, for all for your support. Your comments and messages of love and hope after my last post really touched me. You have all inspired me to wake up, to pull myself up out of my self-pity puddle, and open my eyes to the good around me.

Which brings me to this post! In an effort to focus on what really matters, I’m beginning a recurring post called Simply Sunday. Each week, I’ll take a few moments to reflect on the small things that are making me happy at the moment and photograph them. I can think of no better way to reconnect with myself and the things that are important to me than by devoting time to thinking about them, inspecting them, and photographing them. It’s truly the simple things in life, the small moments and ordinary beauty, that lead us to happiness. It is my hope that by slowing down, taking my focus off the unknown and on to the daily treasures around me, I will eventually reach that elusive destination.

And I hope that each of you will do the same. Take a moment to look around you. What simple small things are making you smile today? Share with me.

Today, I am happily thankful for:

Tiny tomatoes growing in the garden.

Pretty hydrangeas in delicate sunlight.

Blossoms on the magnolia tree.

Freshly picked vegetables for dinner.

Swinging in the back yard with my favorite boy.


Hi, Great photos of your son I all so like the magnolia tree blossom. Have a great week end .Regards Brian


Thank you! And thank you for your follow on Twitter. You are doing wonderful things with your art to help those with cancer!

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