Just Like You

His hair sticks up in the back near his part after he’s been sleeping, just like you.

His chest is broad and his legs are toned and thin, just like you.

He’s sensitive and emotional but doesn’t like to show it, just like you.

He prefers bread and potatoes and all things carbs, just like you.

He loves to sneakily grab a single strand of my hair and pluck it, just like you.

He wiggles his hips and bum to snuggle down and get comfortable before he falls asleep, just like you.

He dominates any social situation he enters and isn’t shy in the least, just like you.

He adores music and is constantly singing and playing air guitar, just like you.

He loves being outdoors and tans easily, just like you.

He’s stubborn and highly focused when he wants something, just like you.

His eyes are big and brown and crinkle when he smiles that trademark smile, just like you.

He loves being around his Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle, just like you.

He’s fiercely protective of his Mommy and loves to snuggle with her, just like you.

And I know when he grows up, your son is going to be a strong, confident, ambitious, kind, funny, talented, and wonderful man…just like you.


Happy Father’s Day, honey.We miss you and love you!

Then…and now.

What a wonderful tribute to Bryan for Father’s Day. I hope you are able to have a good day tomorrow. Remember…you are never alone in this journey; your widow friends are always here to listen and help in any way we can. Each journey is unique but we do share a common bond. Sending big hugs to you!

That was wonderful Erin!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow <3


Thank you Sandy! I am so thankful for the support and friendship of our lovely group of women, much love to you! <3


Thanks Joanna! I’ll be thinking of you and your bunch tomorrow too! <3


This will be cherished by H. He will find such comfort in it when he thinks about his dad. Hugs! Thank you for sharing.


I hope so! <3 Hugs back!



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