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So…. how come you want to steal someone’s design? I’m not going to play the anonymous game because I have no problem calling you out. But you should know that stealing someone’s design is insanely lame. Just saying. Be original.


Hi Krysten, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry but I’m confused, are you referring to my blog’s design? If so, I most certainly did not steal it from anyone.

I purchased the WordPress theme “Orange Symmetry” from Yellow & Savvy design on Etsy. You can find her shop here and see that she has the theme for sale. She was wonderful to work with! I used the theme ‘as-is’ for several months and just recently edited the main elements to fit the ProPhoto 3 blog theme, which I purchased for my photography site, so that I could integrate a masthead into the header and slideshows into the posts. You can find the ProPhoto website here to see the template. Both designs and themes are credited in the footer of the blog.

So, as you can see nothing here was stolen. But thank you for your boldness! Take care!

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