Simply Sunday

This week, I’m grateful for and inspired by these simple treasures captured with Instagram:


My new Bands for Arms! I’ve been anxious for these bracelets to arrive and I absolutely love them. In this picture I am sporting The Smith and The EOD Tech (The Hubs job) alongside The Hubs memorial bracelet. I also have The Ryan and The Hammond and plan to get more. Check out these awesome homemade bracelets made from old donated military uniforms and support our military!


Rain! We finally got some much-needed rain around here, easing the drought a little bit and dampening the wildfires. What a wonderful blessing!


A beautiful new way to support one of my very favorite non-profit organizations, the American Widow Project. The AWP is a mission started by a young military widow with the goal of connecting and supporting the new generation of war widows. I just received the newest AWP shirt designed in partnership with In God’s Hands and I am so proud to wear it and share the organization’s mission with all who see it.


The lasting love and bond my Little Man and I share with my second set of parents, The Hubs mom and dad. I am so blessed to be a part of this family and I am so thankful for the connection we have that will last through anything. The Little Man adores his Grandma and Grandpa, and I love seeing them together!


Finding new treasures growing in my own back(and front)yard! We moved into this new house in the winter, so I was excited to see what was lurking within the beautiful landscaping when spring arrived. I’ve since discovered Japanese magnolias, an abundance of beautiful hydrangeas, tea roses, gorgeous yellow lantanas, a lime tree, and this newest discovery…the mystery trees! I was ecstatic at first thinking these were star fruit, but they are four-pointed not five and are growing too abundantly. So I’m not sure what they are! I’m on a quest to identify the mystery trees, so if you know what these odd pods are please let me know! :)


New romance blooming, and finding peace and happiness in that. I’ll be posting about it soon, but until then I’ll share this amazing picture that I am so blessed to have. It’s so wonderful and rare, and with the story behind it I consider it a beautiful and tangible evidence of The Hubs guidance and blessing. I will cherish this forever.


My amazing brother and Little Man’s uncle, Uncle Jer. I was lucky to inherit an awesome brother when I married into this family eight years ago, and it’s been great to witness Uncle Jer grow into a smart, talented, and confident young man. Uncle Jer joined the military shortly after losing his brother in Afghanistan and will be leaving on his first deployment soon. We will be supporting him, missing him, and loving him throughout his time away. Please say a prayer (or good vibes, thoughts, wishes, whatever your choosing) for Uncle Jer’s safety and comfort during this deployment, and for our family’s peace of mind, especially his parents, as they face their youngest and last living son embarking upon what has been a devastating experience in our past. We love you Uncle Jer, kick some ass! <3

Sounds like an exciting weekend with many more exciting thigs to come!

Loving the bracelets! And the picture with Bill. Sonya and Bill are incredible people. You’re very lucky to have them as in-laws and them to have you and Harrison. I love seeing the bond you all share! <3


Thank you for sharing the Bands of Arms link. I’m currently placing my order for the EOD and The Smith.

Can not wait to get them!

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