Back Home!

I apologize for the quiet blog the past few weeks! I’m back home now after two weeks of traveling. It’s taken me the past week to catch up, sleep off the jet-lag, and get back in the swing of things at home. While it was great to ‘unplug’ for a while, I missed this blog and all of you!

I am preparing a huge post about my trip, with a few (or a ton!) of the 500 pictures I took as well as a recap of the adventures we had. It was a truly memorable and much-needed respite that both recharged and invigorated me. However, now that I’m home I’m also finding it left me a bit melancholy.

I’m not sure why exactly. The only thing I can pinpoint is that I am having a hard time reconciling the past and the future. Balancing a new relationship with a love that didn’t die with one of it’s halves. Learning to accept change and carry the past with me without comparing it to the present and future. It’s a lot at once, and in some ways it overwhelmed me as I processed everything upon my return home. But not enough to change the amazing experience I just had.

I’m sure my upcoming wedding anniversary isn’t helping. This upcoming Monday, The Hubs and I would have been married for 8 years. When we said ’till death do us part’, we both assumed that moment would come when we were old and gray. Not a mere 6 years later. Facing this day isn’t easy, and I’m not looking forward to it. I can only hope the day will be like many other milestones have been: the anticipation that builds during the days prior to the actual day is much more agonizing than the day itself. I guess I’ll see in a few days.

Well this sure is a downer of a post huh?! What a way to say, ‘Hey guys I’m back!’ :-) I have some exciting news to share, but I’ll post separately about that. And I’ll be back in a few days to share my huge picture post about the trip. Until then, I’m enjoying catching up on snuggles from the Little Man! <3

I’m glad to see you back. I’ve been “stalking” your blog looking for an update. I look forward to your updates, pictures from your trip and reading the exciting news. I’ll pray for you to get through your upcoming anniversary.

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