Blast from the Past


Post from October 9, 2009

I keep feeling like I’m waiting on something. It’s really bothering me. It’s the only real emotion I feel right now. I keep going online and checking my email and Facebook. I keep checking my phone. I keep looking out the window or through the curtain on the front door. I just have this overwhelming feeling of waiting and it’s really not good. What I’m waiting on, I have no clue. Waiting to hear from The HUbs? Waiting for his homecoming? Waiting to wake up from this nightmare? Waiting for someone to come rescue me from it all? Waiting for the next step to start? Waiting for my own breakdown? Maybe if I knew I could get over it. Ugh, I hate this feeling, and it’s the only true thing I can pinpoint that I am feeling right now. Just had to let that out.


Sometimes when I feel lost or have an out of self experience, I will just start having a conversation with God and it always makes me feel better. I also take a drive in my car because that’s one of my favorite things to do when I feel unlike myself. I hope that you find whatever it is you need to make you feel better.


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