Change is in the Air

Fun changes in the works for the blog!

I’ve been working with the lovely Erin from Designer Blogs on a new blog design, and the new layout will be live soon. This new design reflects my personality so much more than the current one and will flow right along with the other changes I’m making.

I’ve decided that, to coincide with the efforts I’m making to step out and ‘find myself’ again, I’m going to change the focus of the posts here on NYAW. Of course, there will still be posts about grief, loss, widowhood, and memories, but I hope to incorporate more of the other aspects of my life as well. It is time to remove grief as the main focus of my life, and instead allow it to walk beside me as I pursue happiness.

You’ll soon see more posts on my daily life, my adventures in single parenting a toddler, my hobbies and projects, and my overall journey to discover the new me.

I hope you enjoy the newly enriched Not Your Average Widow! Please recommend to your friends and leave a little love in the comments. I always appreciate your feedback and suggestions!


Erin, you have no idea how excited I am to hear that! I look forward to the changes and the new steps in front of you! As always feel a hug and cheering from my side of the court! Love!

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