Quick Hello and Exciting Honors

Hello all! Been a busy week around these parts, we have company visiting so I’ve been spending more time offline. It’s in great timing to keep my mind off the impending anniversary approaching later this month. Both the Little Dude and I are enjoying visiting and taking trips to the beach and hanging out with friends and family. I’ll be back regularly with more posts next week. For now I thought I’d pop on with a quick informational post to let you know about two very exciting things for the blog!

I am pleased to announce that the blog has been awarded another great honor. Remember our nomination for the Top 25 Mental Wellness Blogs from Circle of Moms? Thanks to your support, NYAW has been named the 3rd top blog! Check out my interview and the other top 25 bloggers featured. I am so thankful for this honor and for the ability to reach and support others who are dealing with similar situations. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a great community of strong women.



Also, you may have noticed the addition of a few ads on the blog. I’m now a part of the BlogHer Publishing Network! You’ll now see ads and links to relevant posts by other bloggers in both the header and sidebar of my blog. Be sure to check out the blog links, the network is filled with wonderful writers. You don’t have to click on any of the ads, but if you feel inclined they will help me with keeping the blog running.

A quick note about the ads. BlogHer is very understanding of it’s bloggers preferences and beliefs, and in keeping with this there are certain ads you will never see here on Not Your Average Widow. Because I am a firm believer in health and nutrition, you will never see ads for fast food restaurants or processed foods. Because it is my hope that every woman embrace her own unique beauty, you will never see ads for cosmetic surgery, diet pills, or quick weight loss schemes. And because I believe in respecting everyone’s differing beliefs, you will never see ads relating to any specific religious or political denomination.


Off to enjoy the rest of our visit, see you next week! <3

yay! Congrats!


Yes, congratulations are in order! This is an amazing priilege, sharing your path on a journey I wish with my whole heart you had never had to take. My thoughts are with you, this month especially, but always. Miss you and Bryan, especially as our leaving Okinawa fast approaches and I think back on all the fun times and great people we have known here in the past 7 years. And one day we are going to meet the little man of whom you are so justly proud! Lots of love………

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