The Importance of Video

As I’m sitting here tonight, wishing I could see my love and watching over and over the few videos I have of him, I have something I need to scream from the mountaintops.

If you have a camcorder or a digital camera with recording capability, USE IT.

I know it’s so much easier to just take a few snapshots, or even to forget the camera all together. We’ve all done it, I’ve done it. I always thought ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘There’s no time now’ or whatever keeps us from recording our precious moments. I don’t many videos of my loved ones, especially of The Hubs, and now I wish I did.

Please, learn from my mistake. Get out your camera and record your loved ones!! Don’t just use it on special occasions, use it to capture normal everyday ‘boring’ things. Ask your loved ones to talk to you into the camera for no reason. Record your husband playing with your kids. Record your kids eating lunch. Record your loved one sleeping, or brushing their teeth, or whatever other little moments you cherish throughout your day.

Capture every little mundane thing you can. And if your family and friends get annoyed by your new camera appendage? Oh well! Because one day, you could be supremely grateful you did so.

I would give anything to have more than TWO photos of the three of us together, more than ONE video of my two boys together. I have plenty of the baby, not nearly enough of the man.

You always think you have more time. You always think there is tomorrow.

What if there isn’t?

DO IT. Record it. Capture it. One day you may NEED to see that familiar smile, hear that comforting voice, see that person you think will always be there.

Capture what you love. Make it yours always. <3


Mark and I are getting one for Christmas this year and I’ll be sure to use it a lot. Thanks.

Thanks for the reminder. and I’d like to add to the videographer and photographers … don’t forget to turn the cameras on yourself too! You’re loved ones will want to look back one day and see you too <3


I feel the same way, and tell all our friends and family the same!! You never think much of it, until you don’t have it and would do anything to have it. <3

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