Fun Fall Weekend

This weekend, despite fighting colds that kept us down for a week, Little Man and I both managed to perk up and enjoy ourselves! I’m glad, because now we are both down again. Too much too soon, I guess. Anyway, it was wonderful to spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the beginning of the fall season!

On Friday, we were blessed with a visit from two wonderful friends who have we have not seen in a while! J and R are in Florida for a brief time and made a long (5 hour!) drive over from where they are staying to visit with the family. Both of these great guys worked with The Hubs and were/are dear friends of his and mine. They hadn’t seen Little Man since The Hubs’ funeral so they were psyched to see the big boy he has become! We visited at the house for a while then all of us, including The Hubs’ folks, went out for a nice dinner. It was so wonderful to catch up and spend some quality time together, albeit too short.

I’m not sure if they want their photos put up, so I’ll just share one. They brought Little Man several fun gifts (tons of Hot Wheels, a few very special cars, and a race track) and he just loves them! Thank you so much J and R, for the gifts and for your visit! We hope to see you again soon!

On Saturday, my mom (Nana!) came to stay with us for the weekend. That evening we took Little Man to the Pumpkin Patch at church. We took him last year but he was still a bit too young to enjoy it and spent most of the time fussing. This year, he had a blast! We had a lot of fun searching for the perfect pumpkins, and of course he had fun toppling them over and running around and playing with toys they had out. I actually managed to get pictures this year, which makes me super happy!

Sunday was a fun day at home, the windows open and candles burning and music playing while we did all sorts of domestic things. In the spirit of Halloween fun (which I have a hard time balancing, a whole other post on that soon!), we made Monster Tacos for lunch. Little Man had a lot of helping with the prep and even more fun “crunching the monster” and eating him up “like Max!” he said (from Where the Wild Things Are).

He also enjoyed helping Mommy and Nana do some baking! We made Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies and Pumpkin Bread (from these two recipes) and the smells in the house were divine! Little Man felt so big helping stir the batter and crack the eggs, until one egg ended up ALL over him and the floor and he decided it was time to play with his trucks. :) But the best part, of course, was licking the spoon (or fork, haha) and the sugar rush that followed. I got a hilarious shot of his chocolate face that I just know will be a ‘date night’ torture photo in the future, haha!

While magic was working in the oven, we painted pumpkins. Little Man picked two small pumpkins for Nana and Grandma, so we got all set up to paint them. He had a blast making a mess and working his artistic touch! I just love his quirks! Every time we do any sort of painting, he refuses to paint with single colors and instead likes to systematically dip his brush into each well of color, in order, and then paint with the resulting murky color. This made for, hmmm, interesting pumpkins haha! But I did manage to get him to let me paint his hand red so I could get his handprint on one of the pumpkins for our house. After that he was SO done for the day, so I decided to save the carving for another time.

All in all, it was a great weekend chock full of enriching experiences. I adore these days, soaking in very second of his young innocence and wonder, and cherishing the treasured moments we spend with the people who mean so much to us. For the first time in a while, I am looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and all of the amazing moments it will hold. Thank you Lord for blessing me with an improved mind and heart, and granting me another day to embrace in full! <3

:) He’s a cutie!

You sound like you are doing well Erin! I am really happy to hear that. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

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