The Great Outdoors

My little man and I took a trail hike today, a much needed recharge. We’ve been housebound lately and both of us were feeling a bit stifled, in need of fresh air and exploration. The weather was a bit gloomy, but no amount of clouds could put a damper on our energy.

We are lucky to live incredibly close to a State Park (our neighborhood is bordered on three sides by it) and we took advantage of it today. We spent a couple hours exploring our favorite trails and playing on the playground. Too bad the mosquitos were out in full force and cut us short. But we had an excellent time looking for bugs, whispering to the animals, searching for colored leaves, and running on the soft pine needles.

I love spending time in nature with my kiddo, his wonder reminds me to soak in every inch of the beauty that surround us. Thank you God for blessings like today!


See my leaf, Mommy?

I love the pinecones and needles…

…and this pinky-red growth.

A small taste of changing leaves.

 Peaceful seclusion.

So free…

Little boy in a big world.

Unexpected surprise…

…that is absolutely beautiful.

So inquisitive.

Why is she making me sit on this rock?

C’mon Mama, let’s go!

Maybe if I pretend to smile I can finally get on the swings… :)

Erin – You are a very talented photographer with a good eye. Of course it helps to have such a cutie to photograph too. Glad you both enjoyed that day!

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