Life is Good

Wow, I’ve neglected my dear blog this week. Man, what a whirlwind ride I’ve been on. :)

First, lovely readers, that picture post is coming soon! :) I’ve been slowly preparing the photos and I promise to share soon!

Second, I’m prepping for a much-needed and greatly-anticipated holiday with Little Man this upcoming weekend and the following week. We are taking some time to get away and enjoy this beautiful country of ours. Travel has always been one of my passions and something of great importance in my life, and I’m determined now to give myself and my son that blessing, and enjoy the world we’ve been blessed with. More on that later!

Finally, I have to say, my life has been blessed with incredible happiness lately. It came out of left-field and was completely unexpected, but I am thanking God every moment of His perfect timing in my life. As I grow in His grace and draw closer to Him, I find myself being drawn to whatever greater plan there is for me… and in so many ways, that plan is coming to fruition. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time, and that leads to an overflow of emotions, which leads to an overcrowded mind, which leads to writer’s block as I try to decipher what to write about first!! But trust me, once I sort out these wonderful new emotions, there will be many happy posts to come.

Please take away from this post one single thing….God is there, and God is good, and God works for your ultimate plan. You just have to submit to Him and allow it happen.

Peace to you, my friends. Back soon! <3

Unexpected happiness is the best. :)

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