Claiming Life

Why do we allow ourselves to become so consumed by the challenges of life when there is such beauty around us?

I’ve been struggling with this question lately. The rollercoaster of life takes us from exhilarating highs to gut wrenching lows at breathtaking speeds…and it can take a while for our minds to catch up. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our problems that we can no longer see our blessings. Why do we allow ourselves to become so distracted by the frenzy of the journey that we fail to see the sights along the way?

Life is whizzing by me at an impossible pace, and I often find myself standing in a whirlwind…either wondering what just passed by or so caught up in what is currently tripping me that I can’t see where I am headed or what is around me. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I wasted years of my life consumed by longing or discontent.

I refuse to allow the beauty of life pass me by any longer. I want to live mindfully, presently, without distraction by what I do not have but full of gratitude for what I am blessed with. I may be on a wild ride, but I will no longer consume myself with the process and instead try to focus on the flashes of joy that grace me as I pass by.

Beauty is everywhere, if we choose to see it. Bless you, my dears, as you hang on tightly during your journey. We will do this, together. And we will make it. <3

Very beautiful and a such a great reminder. I too, feel that life is rushing by me and need to be more present in the moment. There are so many blessings to be seen…
Lovely photos :)


Written so well and the pictures just really put it all together!


Thank you! It is so hard to do, but worth the work. Bless you!


Thanks Monica! It is so beautiful there.

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