I love Halloween, with all the fun and excitement of playing dress up and having adventures. This year, Little Man was finally old enough to really get into it, he was so excited to go trick-or-treating and had his chosen character picked out a month in advance — a dinosaur! He practiced his “raarrr” for weeks and was adamant about finding the perfect dino costume, green of course. I still find it funny that the costume he ended up picking was actually a green dragon, haha! But to him, it was a vicious green dinosaur. With shiny wings. :P

I combined Halloween with a fun weekend away with Nana (my mom) and we went to one of my favorite places in the world, Saint Augustine. I used to visit there often as a kid, nearly ever summer, and I loved the idea of sharing that with my own kiddo. When I found out the sightseeing trains were having trick-or-treat stops and the historic streets were handing out candy, I knew we had to go! Little Man had an absolute blast and so did I, watching his joy and soaking up the beauty of the historic town.

It was truly a weekend to remember and I will treasure it always!

monica chaney

Love the blog. and LOVE the pictures. Harrison is just the cutest and most wonderful kid around! love you guys

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