Adventures with Pip — And a Winner!

Ever since the elf arrived, our house has been full of mischief! Our sneaky little friend Pip has been the source of much delight each morning as Little Man races out of bed to find where he is hiding and what sort of adventure he had overnight. The little elf started out pretty shy, just hanging around on light fixtures or sitting on the TV observing things… but once he got comfortable, he let his mischievous side show! He has been caught swinging from the ceiling fan, crashing our Christmas village to make snow angels, and writing on the mirrors with marker! I wonder what he’ll get into next?

And in other exciting news, we have a winner for the first holiday giveaway!

Congratulations Marissa aka MPdaCNA! Please send me a message with your shipping information and I’ll get your stocking out to you ASAP. I hope you enjoy a little cheer on Christmas morning knowing that your fellow widows are thinking of you! <3

YEAH!!! I’ve never won a Blog drawing before!! Thanks so much!!!

I have never heard of the elf on a shelf thing until this year and now I am seeing him everywhere! I think it is a fun thing to do though. Hope you guys have a great Christmas.

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