One More Day….

As we move farther along in this widowhood journey, some days may be easier. We may find our daily life falling into a new routine, we may discover new ways of coping, we may ease into a new way of living that allows us to continue on as best as we can. We may even find happiness in the small things life has to offer to us.

But that doesn’t mean the pain has disappeared. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss our loved one with every ounce of our being. That doesn’t mean we don’t still wish that our love was still by our side.

Today is one of those days. One of those times when the only thoughts running through my mind is “Why, why, why?” and the only emotion clinging to my heart is longing.

I wish for one more day with you. But I know if I had one more day, I would want one more. And another, and another. You left too soon. And your presence is fading too fast.

To all of my fellow peers in grief, you are not alone. <3

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