Twelve by 2012 Update

Time for another check-in and update on my Twelve by 2012 list. (For more info, see this post.)

I’ve done pretty well so far, over halfway finished! I had hoped to have more done, but the
holidays slowed me down a bit. Now I have only a few days left to finish up. I don’t know
if I’ll complete everything (especially tackling the monstrosity that is my garage), but I’m
certainly going to try!

If you joined the challenge, how are you doing on your goals? Keep pushing!

Here’s my Twelve by 2012:

          1. Schedule a pre-season tuneup for the furnace and fireplace. Done!
          2. Prune palms out front, pull out lantanas and rose bushes, and
            put down new mulch. Done!
          3. Remove old sandbox and put down grass seed in bare spot. Done, sort of. Decided to wait for a new playset in the spring!
          4. Clean out and organize the garage!
          5. Clean out closets and have a yard sale donate to Peaceful Paths and Salvation Army.
          6. Put SD house up for saleMade as much progress as possible, mutual decision with realtor to wait until the new year.
          7. Reorganize household filing cabinet and shred old documents.
          8. Make appointment to update will.
          9. Take my mother on a quick vacation to Tennessee. Done! We had so much fun!
          10. Finally file for Homestead Exemption!
          11. Decorate, fill, and drop-off at least 5 shoeboxes with Little Man. Done!
          12. Participate in the last few of the 6 Months of Christmas and
            make a holiday Blanket of Belief with Little Man. Mostly done. Didn’t make the blanket, but enjoyed sending cards!

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