Project 365

This year I am tackling Project 365…again, haha! I tried last year but didn’t keep up with it. We’ll see how long I last this year ;)

To encourage myself to actually stick to it, I decided to go another route and use solely my phone. I’m certain to pick that thing up several times a day, so I will have no excuses not to snap a quick picture! I found a great app created just for this, Photo365. It is set up with a great calendar view so you can easily see your photos for the month, you can share your calendar via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and you can even set up timers to alert you to take your photo at a certain time each day. It is exactly what I needed! Here’s what my screen looks like today:

After taking all my photos this week, I ran them through Instagram (addicted!) and popped them into a collage to share with you all! I’ll be posting a weekly 365 roundup of my photos, so as to not bore you with a daily picture post and not burn myself out. This week’s photos are pretty boring, just snaps to get myself into the habit, but I look forward to stretching myself artistically using only my phone. Should be fun!

Are you doing Project 365 this year? If so, please share your photos! :)

Awesome site, great pictures :)


Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments, Andrew!

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