So, I tell you I’m going to post more often and then crickets start chirping around here. Sorry folks! It’s been an odd week. Our days have been quiet and lazy but with a current of change and energy buzzing around in the background. It’s an interesting dynamic to feel both relaxed and busy at the same time. But I like it.

Random thingies:

I’ve been bouncing around appointments with various dental professionals over the past few months and it culminated in a diagnosis last Thursday with an oral and maxilliofacial surgeon. He was cool, so it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought (and no, I won’t need surgery, woot!). For year I’ve had problems with my TMJ, you know that joint in your jaw that can sometimes click or pop or give you other creepy sensations from time to time? Well for some people, my lucky self included, that time-to-time becomes often and then frequent and then a daily pain in the ass. Add in a year or two of stress that worsened it, and I’ve ended up with TMD and a crazy-strong case of Bruxism that makes me wake up every morning with aching jaws and a huge headache. After seeing the dentist then the orthodontist and popping out an alarming xray, off to the surgeon I went. Turns out I have early degeneration of the condyle (a much cooler way of saying ‘an inflamed and flattened joint’) from all of the clenching and overworked facial muscles. Yay me! So for the past week I’ve been taking muscle relaxers (seriously, yay me!) and getting ready for a new adventure — yep, this old woman is getting braces. (Thankfully I qualify for Invisalign so I won’t feel like even more like an awkward teenager.) It is our hope that by fixing my bite while treating the muscles, we will give my joints enough relief to heal as much as possible and the degeneration won’t continue into early arthritis. I go in this week for the final scanning step before I get my aligners. I’m excited at the prospect of painless mornings in the future once my bite is corrected, and nice straight teeth is a plus! Although I admit I’ll miss my chiclet (the sweet pet name The Hubs gave my one crooked front tooth when we were younger), it gives my smile character. But, in a swap of chiclet vs jackhammer in my head every morning… peace out, chic! I’m sure I’ll be posting updates (probably along the lines of holy cow this hurts more than I anticipated) as I go through the treatment.

With the beginning of the new year, my volunteer work with the EOD Memorial Foundation has picked up quite a bit. The much-to-long list of Fallen brothers to be honored in this year’s memorial ceremony has been finalized and we are beginning the work toward this year’s Memorial events in May. My position as the Legacy Chairperson keeps me busy, as I and the committee work in direct contact the families of the each of the fallen warriors. Although I’ve been working with the Foundation for 8 months now, this is my first year working with the families regarding the Events and I am honored to be a part of it. It is challenging, not going to lie. Witnessing the fresh grief of each of these families takes me right back to BEING one of those families just two years ago. But it also gives me a unique perspective and great position to be able to make amazing connections. Many changes are in the works regarding how we do things, to make sure the families are honored and treated with the very best we can give them. I look forward to giving it all I’ve got.

Little Man and I have spent nearly every afternoon at the park this week. We always love going (he obviously does more than me, wish I could bottle up that three-year-old shriek of enthusiasm when I announce, ‘get your shoes, we’re going to the park!’) but this week I’ve felt inspired more than usual. Not sure what’s up with that. But it’s been great for both he and I. I’ve had some interesting chats with the other parents hanging on the sidelines, to include a 50 year old father of two, one running around shrieking with my kid and the other strapped into an infant carrier on his chest, who used to be a wrestling champ. Hahaha, oh the things that come out of people’s mouths. Anyway, the best part has been watching Little Man blossom. He’s at such a great growth stage right now. He’s naturally a little social butterfly but lately has developed a slight hesitation to spread his wings, so getting out and around other children has helped engage his growth. It’s so sweet to see him approach other children and say hello and ask if they want to play. It tugs at my heart sometimes though because, since he is so much bigger than most children his age (at his 3 year appointment this week we learned he is off the charts 100th percentile for height, I have a giant here guys) he tends to think he can run with the big kids (aka 6 and 7 year olds) and while he can for the most part, sometimes they don’t want to because he’s a ‘baby’. But because he is so big and very imaginative with a huge vocabulary, a lot of the younger kids can’t quite keep up with him. So I see him struggling trying to figure out which place he belongs in. But it’s stretching him and teaching him and he is learning to adapt. The changes I’ve seen in his social approach just this week has had me awestruck a few times. I mean, it feels like yesterday he was learning to walk, but yesterday I was watching him sit in a little castle tower at the top of a slide with a 6 year old, waving sticks at imaginary dragons and yelling ‘arrrr’ at pirates while he saved the princess.

Back tonight with the Weekly 365 Photo Roundup!

Oh, and bear with me over the next day or so while I change up a few things around here. New look, new content, new new new. We like new around here! :)

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