You-ness and the Blog

This past week while I’ve been reflecting on the last year and making goals for the upcoming one, I’ve also been thinking about the blog and where I’d like to see it go in the future.

I started NYAW on impulse one random night in the summer of 2010 and honestly, I didn’t expect to keep it up. I’d had a multitude of online journals and blogs in the past (starting with a little diary at Diaryland when I was 17, I’m glad to have an archive of that, haha!) and hadn’t kept up with any of them regularly for a long period of time. I expected to use it as a place to make sense of my thoughts, but as time went on I found that I was gaining much comfort from releasing my experiences into the world. Not only that, but I was connecting with other widows. I soon realized that although it had started for selfish reasons, the blog had become a way of contributing to others by sharing my journey. I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to share encouragement with all of you, and to receive it as well. You all mean so much to me. I love your comments and your emails sharing your experiences and support. Thank you!

As I start a new year here on NYAW, I’d like to expand the blog to include other areas of my life. Much of my writing has been grief-related, with only a few other aspects of my life thrown in here or there. At nearly 28 months past the loss of The Hubs, of course I am still grieving but it isn’t as much of an active part of my daily life anymore. I still have my difficult moments and down days, and always will, but there are many more good days now and overall ‘my new normal’ has evolved into simply ‘my life’. I wouldn’t be authentic if I continued to only write about grief and loss, because they aren’t all that my life is about anymore. While they consumed me for the better part of two years, they are now comfortably settled in as my companions that will show their face from time to time but won’t take the focus anymore. It is now time for me to focus on the life I have right in front of me, embracing it for what it is and expanding it to reach toward a wonderful future.

What does this mean for you? You’ll be seeing a lot more around here, for one! I plan to write more about my daily life, so you might see posts on anything from ‘single parenting a toddler’ to ‘DIY-ing my home’. I’ll document my travels with journaling and photographs. I may write about dating as a widow or experiences with friends. There will definitely still be posts on grief and loss and resources for widows. But overall the blog will hopefully evolve into a more authentic voice of my daily life, just as my life is evolving each day.

I hope you enjoy the new content on NYAW and will continue to join me on this rollercoaster journey of widowhood as I continue learning to embrace my ‘me-ness’. I encourage your feedback and would love to know what you’d like to see on the blog. Thank you for being awesome! <3

Laura Mc

Erin, I am so happy to see you come so far. You are an inspiration and I am glad that you are making such an impact on other widows and others around you. As I grieved with you, I now share in your excitement and joy of this new life. Feel a ginormous hug from me!


Thank you Laura! You’ve always been such an amazing support, I value you so much! Lots of love! <3

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