Floating in the Clouds


I am such a mix of excitement and nervousness right now. I am leaving tomorrow to go do something I have always wanted to do — skydiving!

A few months back I heard about an upcoming widow’s retreat with TAPS. TAPS has been amazing since losing The Hubs. They provide assistance in so many ways, from individual counseling to grief seminars for families, from camps for children to retreats for specific loved ones throughout the year. For the past two years I’ve wanted to go on one of their widow retreats to meet these amazing women, but was always busy with something else.

When I heard they were doing a widow’s skydiving retreat in the Keys¬†and saw that my schedule was open, I just knew I had to get there. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving and this was an opportunity to do so in honor of The Hubs, alongside women who’ve been through the same things I have, and in tandem with the most elite parachute team ever: the Army’s Golden Knights. Plus, what view could possibly be better than tropical islands?? Unfortunately, they were already full. I was disappointed but figured it just wasn’t mean to be. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks ago I received an email saying a spot opened up! I jumped right on it (pun intended)! I mean seriously, 5 days in the Florida Keys with a group of awesome widows…and skydiving?? Yes please!

It was all so last minute that I haven’t really had time to mentally prepare, which is probably a good thing. If I thought about it too much I’d probably chicken out! Now I am spending my afternoon pulling out summer clothes, packing my bags, getting my house and Little Man ready for Nana, and freaking out, haha! But it’s going to be amazing and I know The Hubs would love it. I plan on putting a picture of him in my jumpsuit so he can jump with me. :)

Say a prayer for me…actually, say a prayer for my tandem instructor. He may need it more than me if I start freaking out, haha! I’m more than a little nervous about clinging to him or screaming or worse, throwing up on him. I’m hoping Dramamine will take care of my motion sickness! But I’m sure that the Tandem Team has seen it all and I trust them. Check out some of their jump videos on Youtube. I SO hope I get one of my jump…I would love to see the look on my face, haha!

I’ll be back with pictures and a recount of the trip next weekend, as well as the details on some other happiness that has entered my life… yes, this woman has someone to introduce to you. I am so grateful for the good things and people gracing me right now. I’m a blessed lady… you might say I’m floating in the clouds, in more ways than one. :)


Awesome Erin! So happy and excited for you! I look forward to hearing all about it!

Monica Chaney

I hope you have a wonderful experience!

I can’t wait to hear how this is! I’ve always wanted to go sky diving- it’s on my to do list!

Have an amazing time Erin, I can’t wait to hear/see/and read about it!

Have a fantastic time Erin!

I came across your blog on the Circle of Moms list, and just wanted to say thank you for your service to our country, my heart goes out to you, I’m so sorry for your loss. And, I’m excited for your jump and will have to check back to see how it went! May God bless you.

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