Leap Day

I’m back with tons to share!

What a whirlwind it has been lately. I spent a week in the Keys with amazing ladies who have become fast friends and had an insane adventure! I returned home to spend a wonderful weekend bonding with someone truly special. Then began a new week with good news about a great opportunity that presented itself to me as an answer to a prayer! Along with several other things, I could seriously write a mile long post about all of the wonderful things lining up in my life right now. But I’ll try to exercise restraint and write about them all individually to spare your eyes. :)

For now, today is Leap Day! And guess how I spent my extra day of the year? With a sore mouth. Yep, I got my Invisalign aligners today. Now begins the journey of perfecting my smile, complete with the interesting limitations the treatment presents. I’ll try to log bits of my experience along the way, because it’s oh-so-thrilling to read about teeth :P I’m excited to finally make some progress on fixing these TMJ issues and say sayonara to the chiclet. My smile is seriously a permanent fixture and knowing that it will shine even more when all this over makes it worth it! I’ll try remind myself of that when I can’t partake in a beverage because I can’t remove my aligners, or when I’m flossing in a nasty bathroom somewhere after I eat out. ;)

Back tomorrow with pictures, video, and a recap of my skydiving experience and week with the amazing widows of TAPS!

Cheering all your victories!

I can’t wait to see the pictures of your trip!

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