I Write. Even When I Don’t.

A close friend sent me this quote today from Cameron Conaway’s Caged: Memoirs of a Cage Fighting Poet.

“I write because when those plum-purple age spots come and I go, I want my story to continue to help others. I want it to sustain others when they need sustenance. I want others to know where I’ve been, how I marched through, of, and among this world and this reality. How I believed in bullshit at points of my life but worked hard to be rid of it. I want others to know me so they can know themselves and I want to know others so I can know me. I want others to know that real childhood scars heal, but not when band aids replace self-reflection.”

While the experiences detailed in the book are vastly different from my own, I was immediately struck by the message in the author’s words. So was my friend, which was why he sent it to me. I was humbled that these words made him think of me and my writing. Because this is exactly what I want to convey with my words, too.

I haven’t written a lot lately. Sure, I’ve shared pictures or recaps here or there, but the real, true, deep words from within me? They haven’t been flowing. And I’ve been asking myself why, wondering if I’ve lost touch with myself or lost touch with my craft. It bothers me, on more than one level, but mostly because of this very idea.

I write not only to purge my thoughts and understand myself, but to share with others. To help. To make a connection, no matter how remote or small, even if I’m unaware of it. I know deep within me that these things I’ve suffered in life are meant to create an avenue of inspiration. So when I fail to write, I feel like I am not only failing myself but you too.

My friend’s thoughtful share was perfectly timed. It provided me a with a healthy dose of introspection and a reminder to keep putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) even when I am feeling uninspired. Because the words are there. I just need to start the flow.

Do you write to heal, to share, to grow? Share your words/blog/website below!

That quote was indeed perfectly timed not just for you, but for me. As I sit here staring at a blank wordpress screen, a topic in mind, but not having the energy to delve into it, I know I need to get the energy because my heart needs to be in my writing as much as for me as for my readers. Thanks for pushing me today Erin!

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Great post! I blog at http://www.hlewy.blogspot.com and I have always loved to write!!! I keep lots of journals of just my thoughts and of poems. Back in high school I started a memoir. I have been out of college for two years now and I have only worked on it periodically, but have revised the same parts like 15 times, so I’m sort of stuck! I really want to continue on with the memoir and finish it. Hopefully I will be able to!

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