Mid-Week Rambles and a Deal!

After coming down from the high of an amazing weekend, I’ve found myself stagnant the past few days. The month of March tends to do that to me in general, with it’s many ‘grief dates’: the half-year mark, The Hub’s birthday, and the anniversary of the day I last saw him. This year the month has been surprisingly pleasant though, filled with new blessings and sources of happiness to sustain and inspire me. But as a key week of memory reaches me, I find myself slipping a bit. It’s to be expected, but never fails to snatch the rug from under me. I’m riddled with memories that stir up so much emotion and leave me struggling for balance. Rather than fight it though, I am spending time reflecting, looking at pictures, and submersing myself in feelings. And I’m discovering a new way of coping, a way that I hope will help me bridge the gap between old and new, past and present and future. Because the past was amazing and I know the future will be wonderful…and the first time in a while, the present is pretty darn great too.

And as a little pick-me-up, the folks over at ShoeScandal have a special offer for readers of NYAW. Shoes always make us feel a little better, right?! With the weather warming up, now is the time to stock up on boots for next winter. Grab the code below to snag a pair of Australian-style shearling boots, or whatever you fancy, for only $26.00 — 74% off. What?! You’re welcome :)

This has been a tough time for me too – Enjoying the present but looking back at the past -the combo is not an easy balance. Have a great rest of your March Erin!

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