Give for Gavin

There are times in our lives when we wish we could do something amazing for someone. In those moments, it’s so important to remember that even the smallest gestures can have a great impact. I am praying for that for a friend of mine and her family.

I’ve known this fellow military wife since Little Man was a teeny baby. We met online, brought together by our struggles to conceive a child and our love for cloth-diapering, and she was part of an amazing community that rallied around me to show overwhelming support when The Hubs died. I’ve met some of the most wonderful mothers and women in these close-knit online groups, bound together by common interest, and they’ve become dear friends even if we haven’t met or get to talk much.

When I found out that L and her family were going through a unique situation, I knew I wanted to give back to her like she and others gave to me. It was time for that small gesture that grants big things.

L and her husband have discussed adoption for many years. Married for 10 years and blessed with 3 beautiful children of their own, they nurture a loving environment in which they desire to bring another child.

After her husband’s experiences in the military in third-world countries, they felt called to pursue international adoption. And with L’s experiences as an RN, they knew they were able to care for a differently-abled child that may have medical concerns. After viewing Reece’s Rainbow for many months and dutifully praying, they knew they had met the next member of their family: the adorable 5-year-old Gavin.

Gavin is a ‘cheery and affectionate’ little boy who is¬†very social and has the cutest smile. L and the Thomas family began the process to bring Gavin home in February and are now in the final stages of their journey. Unfortunately, Gavin has recently been diagnosed with¬†Stage 4 renal failure. It is literally now a race against the clock to get Gavin home in time to receive a kidney transplant to save his life. With everything approved, the only thing standing between Gavin and his new home and health is funding.

This is where we come in, guys. That small gesture? If each of us offer it, we could have a huge impact on the life of this little boy. Ten for Orphans is currently sponsoring Gavin and helping the Thomas family seek donations to cover the last $9,000 needed to bring Gavin home. Whether you can give $5, $10, or $100, it will add up to allow this sweet boy to join his new family and receive the procedure needed to give him a full life.

If you’d like to be a guardian angel to this adorable boy and sweet family, please hear my heartfelt call for action. You can visit the Thomas family’s blog Give4Gavin to follow their story, view Gavin’s information on Reece’s Rainbow, or see his sponsorship page on Ten for Orphans. You can also view the interview the family had with their local news today or visit L’s Facebook page. Let’s combine our small gestures in a big way to forever change the lives of a few beautiful people.

My prayers are with you, L and the Thomas family. Your faith and obedience to God’s calling are inspiring, and I wish you and Gavin all of the beauty in the world!

Julie B.

Thank you for sharing their story!

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