Two Weddings and A Musing

A quick update on my last post — thank you everyone for reading and sharing the love of little Gavin! Of their $17,000 fundraising goal to get Gavin home, the Thomas family is only $4500 away from being completely funded! As L said herself, “God is amazing!” Ten for Orphans just wrapped up their fundraising campaign with this message: “Gavin’s fundraiser ended at $11,075.39! During the month of July, through all of us working together, $8,536.94 came in for Gavin! THANK YOU!” Seriously. Thank you guys. I know some of you reached out to help this family and it means so very much. If you feel led, you can still donate on Ten for Orphans or on the Thomas family’s blog to help them with the last portion of their funding. They are all set to bring Gavin home in September or October!

I’m taking a few moments tonight for deep calming breaths and solitude. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Life is picking up pace these days and, while I have found myself occasionally winded, for the most part I am running with ease and abandon. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have my groove back. I’m in control again, I’ve got this. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel like yourself again.

A little over a week ago, July 25th, 2012, marked what would have been 9 years of marriage for The Hubs and I. While I definitely experienced moments of disbelief and sorrow, life graciously kept me busy with unforeseen distractions that day. It wasn’t until a few days later, while traveling to photograph a dear friend’s wedding, that the full magnitude of the anniversary really hit me. And although I mourned for all that we’ve lost, I found myself smiling more than crying. Grinning as I remembered the beauty and magic of that day, laughing at the joy we felt and innocence we held, smiling at the years of beautiful memories I am so thankful to hold within. July 25th will always bear an unspeakable significance to me. And I am grateful to have commemorated this one with more smiles than tears.

I am also thankful for the beauty I witnessed during that meaningful weekend. I haven’t really touted it on this blog but some of you may know I am a photographer. (You can view my un-updated-but-soon-to-be-revamped website here.) I had the pleasure of traveling to Maryland a little over a week ago to capture the wedding of a beautiful couple, M and R.

Ms. M…oh what I could say about her! M and I met in February at a retreat for military widows. By God’s hand, we were assigned as roommates last minute and immediately bonded from the moment we met. This lovely lady became an instant best friend; we talked for hours and understood each other so well. Jumping out of an airplane together and sharing a few cocktail evenings solidified our forever friendship! You see, M is also a military widow. Her former husband, an AFC in the Air Force, died in 2001 when their daughter was very young. 11 years later, M is an incredible inspiration. She has trekked every mile of her journey with courage, strength, and grace, and has discovered happiness along the way in the steps of her past, present, and future. She is successful and driven, an incredible mother, and now a beautiful wife in an amazing relationship. Witnessing her special day and capturing the grandeur of M and R filled me with happiness for her, and I selfishly admit, for myself as well. The love she shares with R is inspirational and gives me hope that my own Chapter Two might exist out there somewhere. There has to be significance in the timing of the weekend… I believe God wanted me to witness such a touching experience at a sententious time for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, I am content. But even more so, I am thankful to see a wonderful woman so happy. I just love this chick! Congratulations M and R! Your phtos are coming soon ;)

In the week that I’ve been home since, nearly every moment not taken by homework (seriously, this Master’s program is intense.. I should really share soon) has been filled with preparations for the upcoming school year…. That’s right, my Little Man is starting school. I can’t believe it and honestly, I am struggling with it. His orientation is this Friday and I’m counting down the days to the first day of school as if my boy were moving away to college or something. I won’t go into it all now… this mama’s thoughts need an entire blog post to sort!

This soothing music, along with thoughts of a glass of wine, is calling to me. Life is changing. Right now. Right this very moment, I can feel it in every fiber of my being. Transformation is all around me and I am embracing it. I am on the cusp of evolution; I can feel the slight rustle of the page beginning to turn. I thank the Lord for His timing, for calling my soul back to where it belongs before this shift in seasons, so that I may fully experience, embrace, and encourage every moment of metamorphosis. I wish the same for each of you reading this, whatever your rebirth may be. <3


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