Two Years

This month marks the two-year anniversary of Not Your Average Widow.

If you had asked me years ago if writing a blog was in my future, I would have told you ‘sure!’ I’d had a few blogs before this one and really enjoyed them. But if you had asked me if I’d be writing a blog under the ‘widow’ title, I would have certainly told you ‘no way.’

I never thought I’d be here, living life as a widow. I never expected this life, never considered it an option despite the inherent risks of our life. Neither of us did.┬áBut when life dealt us these cards, I almost immediately knew I would travel this journey in an extraordinary way. I didn’t know how or why, and perhaps I still don’t, but I knew I would be anything but average. I was determined to bloom where I was planted and man, is writing helping me do that.

Thank you, each of you, for reading this blog. For encouraging me, supporting me, and being present for me, I thank you.

Today I cheer for two years of raw, open honesty. And I strive for many more.


I love reading your blogs! Love you!


That stupid war. That crazy stupid war. You should never had to go through all this. Nor should any man or woman lose their spouse to the macinations of an elite few.

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