Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I absolutely love hearing from my readers. Recently I received a comment that brought a huge smile to my face and reminded me of why I write this blog: to inspire hope in others. The sweet Jen from de Jong Dream House nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Here are the “rules” of accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment on each of the blog’s letting them know they have been nominated.

I was so touched to receive this award, teary-eyed as I read Jen’s post and the sweet things she said. You see, Jen herself is incredibly inspirational. An excellent writer, Jen published the successful book Generation EX in 2004. But at a time when she should have been enjoying her success, Jen was dealt something she never expected: she suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that changed her life forever. 8 years later, she is now not only living with her TBI but thriving. I literally cannot list all of the awesome things this woman does! Jen has since written a children’s book and built an entirely environmentally and ADA-friendly dream home with her husband (read her chronicles on her blog here).. not to mention her cooking adventures, her insanely awesome organization skills, and the devoted tireless love she gives to her family and friends. I am so glad to have met her in our December 2008 Mommies group (our sons were born one day apart!). So, before I can even accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award she presented me, I have to in turn hand it right back to her. Jen, you are amazing!

Now to share 7 interesting things about myself… hmm. Define interesting! I’ll give you random…

  • I hate the words meal, moist, and ditto. Like, they literally make me cringe. They just sound wrong. Seriously, say them out loud right now and tell me they don’t sound weird. See?!
  • I am simultaneously type-A-list-making organized and let-the-laundry-pile-up messy.
  • I LOVE live music. Give me a concert ticket and I suddenly morph into a magnified version of myself.
  • I never learned to swim properly, although I grew up at the beach and wakeboarding on the lake. I know enough to not drown, but can’t swim a lap.
  • I am quite shy and quiet when you first meet me, but once I get comfortable you can’t shut me up. Especially if I’m tired or have had a glass of wine :P
  • I really suck at the telephone. Maybe it stems from growing up in a household that screened all calls via an answering machine, but I literally have a hard time answering the phone. I’m getting better though!
  • I have a soft spot for Grandpas.

Now, for the 7 bloggers who inspire me! Well, you already heard about one — the lovely Jen! Here are 6 more to check out (in no particular order):

  • Erika at Chambanachik — This woman is so wonderful. Despite everything she has faced and currently endures as a mama and military wife, Erika oozes optimism and grace. Her truth and beauty shines in her raw, emotional words.
  • Jayme at Faith Like a Mustard Seed — Jayme is an absolute beauty in every sense of the word! She shines God’s love in every aspect of her life, including the arduous moments along her journey to become a mother. Her faith moves me!
  • Brenda at Brenda Lee Free — I am blessed to call this beautiful woman my friend! She also suffered the loss of her husband in 2009 and the strength, insight, and positivity with which she has traveled her journey inspires me so much.
  • Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things — If you haven’t read Kelle’s blog, where have you been?!  She chronicles her life as a mama of two (one with special needs) with such positivity and joy, you can’t help but be drawn in.
  • Nici at Dig This Chick — Nici slays me with her perspective on the world and her pure happiness. An earth-mama in all sense of the word, she has a deep love for her family, her home, and her land that inspires me.
  • All of the bloggers at Widows Voice — 7 beautiful souls, 7 journeys of loss and rebirth, 7 days a week. This blog doesn’t need much more explanation. Knowing you are not alone is the most inspiring thing of all. <3 <3


Aww, I love you, THANK YOU!!!

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