Fits Like a Glove

One truth I’ve found in my life is that everything will be tested. Like a new shoe that must be broken in, every new idea or path will go through a trial period, an uncomfortable or painful stage after which it is either deemed the wrong fit or becomes molded to fit you perfectly. My recent dive into life wasn’t immune to this test.

I should have expected it really. I chose to begin this project of living life unleashed just a couple short weeks before a difficult anniversary that was bound to test my ability to unchain myself from my old ways. But it turns out I would be handed other obstacles as well. During the past six or so weeks I’ve quietly struggled through a very uncomfortable and difficult situation with a relationship, a personal internal fight against a few familiar tendencies, and knock-me-down injuries and illnesses that all sought to dampen my spirit and end my foray into free spirited living.

But I pressed on. I refused to give in. In the moments of feeling completely alone with nothing but my negative emotions, I cried out to God. I vented, I purged, I talked out loud and prayed until I fell asleep and sang loudly in the car. And I slowly felt lighter. I kept my eyes and heart open and focused on finding the joy around me even when I didn’t want to. And slowly everything else began to fall away. Now here it is a few weeks later and I’m out of that dark valley. And although it was tested by this breaking-in period, my new goal of living life unleashed didn’t wear out. No, in fact it now fits me like a glove.

I think I was meant to face such a trying stack of obstacles all at once, directly after making such a bold proclamation about myself and my life. Only once we are tested do we truly see what we are made of and what it really important to us. I’ve strengthened my relationship with God, solidified my confidence and self-worth, and recognized my abilities. I feel like I can now boldly go forward and face what is out there for me, not simply ‘trying on’ this new principle about life but personifying it. Now I not only desire to live completely, but I know I can, no matter what.

I know several of you are trying out Project:Unleashed with me. How’s your journey so far? Any struggles, stories of beauty, realizations? I’d love to hear about how you are embracing what life is offering you right now.

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