With Swallows Wings

True hope is swift, and flies with swallows wings. – William Shakespeare

You may have noticed the blog has been down for a few days. Thank you for bearing with me! I’ve been working away on a new design and I’m excited to finally unveil the changes that have been going on behind the scenes.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my story. This blog began in 2010 as Not Your Average Widow, an outlet for my grief after my husband was killed in Afghanistan in September 2009 at the age of 25. It started as a place to record my jumbled thoughts in hopes of making some sense of mourning, but it unexpectedly became much more than that. Not only did I find release through writing, but I soon found strength in numbers as I began connecting with other young widows (there are more of us than you think!). And as I documented the rollercoaster journey of widowhood, Not Your Average Widow became a place of growth, expression, inspiration, and companionship.

Several years later, my heart has now grown and evolved beyond what I could have imagined in those early days and I have finally reached a place of healing. With this has a come a time for release, a time to allow myself to let go. While I’ll always be a widow and grief will always have a room in a special corner of my heart, I hear a whisper telling me to close the door and hold the key close to my heart. It is time to let go of the title I have been clinging to and, instead of longing for the past, begin to move forward this new life I have been given. Move forward with peace, knowing that I will never lose the love I had in the past and will carry it with me always. Move forward with courage, embracing the strength and wisdom I have gained through these difficult years. Move forward with hope, anticipating the new adventures ahead and living this new life with abandon.

So, ‘Not Your Average Widow’ is moving forward ‘With Swallows Wings’. Like Shakespeare said, “true hope is swift, and flies with swallows wings.” I hope to always carry hope in my heart, no matter how difficult life may be, and fly forward inspiring myself and others to soak up every moment of this short life we have been given. This is the heart of the new blog: a place for inspiration and beauty, to remind us all to find joy in the small moments of life and discover the courage within us to endure the difficult ones. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. I am blessed to have you!

Technical notes: all old links to NYAW should automatically redirect to the new address, as should feeds and subscriptions. You may want to bookmark this new address and update your feeds anyway, just in case. New buttons are in the sidebar! If you find any broken links or other wonky stuff, please let me know. I’ll be working out the kinks over the coming weeks. :)

I love your new design! It is beautiful and I wish you luck and send you prayers as you continue to move forward!

May your hope fly and soar, and your peace become imbedded. Love this, love you.

Gorgeous, Erin.


Thank you Erica!


Thank you for the wonderfully worded wishes. Love you too! <3


Thank you so much Holly!

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