Adventures with Pip! | Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Our sneaky holiday friend has arrived! Our Elf on a Shelf, adorably named Pip by Little Man last year, showed up the day after Thanksgiving and the kiddo has been thoroughly enjoying the tradition so far. The first thing he does after waking each morning is seek out Pip’s location… before knocking on my door to tell me to come look!

While I’m not one of those crazy tear-the-house-apart overachieving moms, I do enjoy creating adventures with Pip. Some days I suck at it, not gonna lie. The silly elf has forgotten to move twice and plummeted to his death once already. But the happy surprise on Little Dude’s face make the extra few minutes it takes each night to figure out a new adventure worth it.

To help out my fellow “what-else-can-I-do-with-this-#&*$-thing?!” mamas, here is what Pip was up to during his first week. Check back each week for an update on his adventures to help with your own Elf on a Shelf ideas. I wish you many contented evenings knowing you won’t have to rush around the next morning shoving the creepy adorable little thing in some random spot or come up with a halfhearted excuse why he didn’t move. :D

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

-Elf on a Shelf (mantle?)
-hiding in the flowers
-decorating the Christmas tree
-making snow angels in the Christmas Village
-cutting out snow flakes in Mommy’s office
-taking a ride on the ceiling fan (good luck keeping your kiddo from turning it on. :P )

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