Holiday Giveaway Quartet | Liese Chavez

Welcome to the opening act of WSW’s Holiday Giveaway Quartet!

Today I am featuring the amazingly talented Liese Chavez. I first discovered Liese in November of last year when I traveled to Colorado. After wandering into a cute little art gallery in Manitou Springs, I laid eyes on one of her ink and watercolor creations and instantly fell in love (and wrote about it here). A local to the area, Liese creates the most unique paintings with a storybook-like feel and sense of both nostalgia and the not-yet-explored. Since that initial haul of prints I carefully carried home from CO, I’ve invested in several more from her Etsy shop and decked out my writing space with Liese’s work.

So many elements of her art inspire me, particularly her focus on female subjects and birds as an expression of both loss and renewal. Over the past year I’ve found myself staring at one piece in particular, ‘Becoming’. This illustration lends such a message of hope, of the potential to become whoever you desire, of wistful dreaming for a future you long for. As much as this sentiment resonates with me, I know it hits home with many of you as well. So Liese and I are offering one of you a Becoming print of your own to inspire you to become your fully realized, beautiful self.

To win your own signed 8×10 print of Liese Chavez’s original ink and watercolor painting ‘Becoming’, enter the giveaway below using the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love the Wishes Take Flight oil painting. It gives me hope!

I also really love the new look and name of your blog. That quote is inspiring.


IMPETUS is gorgeous and it is whimsical!

Jolene Duran

I really like “Wishes Take Flight”. I think it is beautiful and makes me happy. And i loved the title.


i like the one on your main website with the trees growing out of the womans head. i like it and find it inspiring because it reminds me of eating disorder recovery and how you grow and view everything differently and how your life changes for the better with life by not being focused only on food

Jessica P.

I LOVE her print, All The Time in the World! Who doesn’t love the fanciful idea of collecting some extra time like a bouquet?!

Kenya Lunsford

LOVE Liese’s work!! I would really like to win! :) Thanks!

So lovely. I love the delicate quality of this piece.

My favorite are her studies of poppies, but I’m meeting her tomorrow to buy a copy of Wishes Take Flight. It’s so beautiful and I know someone who will be inspired to see that on her wall every day. Liese’s work inspires me every time I see something she’s done.


Chandra Patrzik

I absolutely adore EVERYTHING I have ever seen of Liese’s. Such an amazing talent!

laura h

I recently discovered Liese’s work. Good stuff.

Liese has a sweet, original take on life and it shows in her art. I was drawn to it last spring during a visit to Manitou Springs and would love to add her work to my collection.

Angela Craft

I too discovered Liese in Colorado. I was walking through the same art shope when she happened to be working there. When she asked me my favorite, I told her “Silence” by Chavez… coincidence, I think not. I’ve been in love with her work ever since and enjoy the whimsy she often portrays. “Silence” is much different and yet still evokes a strong reaction. None of her work will cause you to yawn and pass by, that’s for sure!


i love the piggyback ride. it made me smile.

Caroline B

I really like Retreating Into a Book.

Ginger G.

A wish…ink and acrylic on canvas because it speaks to me…not sure what else to say! haha : )

penelope merriweather

I liked a fleeting moment..!! Thanks for this giveaway!


love Retreating Into a Book

sarah tyau

I love becoming and a wish. So beautiful!


The artwork is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this work :)


I love The Swan Queen. It is so elegant! I also love The Oracle. It makes me think of my Smokie Chicken :)

Tina D Reynolds

I love the april showers it looks like its trimuphet

Maria Kiguthi

Retreating into a book.


I love the Impetus painting – so beautiful!


Her “A Wish” piece is STUNNING! Love the innocence of some of these paintings.

Victoria S.

I love “Flown”…to me it’s a reminder to let go of things from the past, even though it’s hard and sometimes sad.

Laura P.

I really like Me and My Shadow. There is something beautiful and mysterious about it. Plus, I like the colors too.

Personally I really like the snow white print – I feel that the essence of the story was caught very well with the fallen Snow…the apple just out of reach.

Personally I really like the snow white print – I feel that the essence of the story was caught very well with the fallen Snow…the apple just out of reach.


I love “All the Time in the World” because it reminds me of my sweet 5-year-old daughter :) I was also delighted when I saw she had some necklaces available that were a collaboration with Polarity, which I’m familiar with. So so so cute!

Shannon Hicks

Very Beautiful!

[…] With Swallows Wings-Signed 8×10 Print of Liese Chavez’s Original Ink and Watercolor Painting ‘Becoming’ (ends December 8/USA) […]


I really like A bird in the hand. It’s super unique.


I love the wishes take flight painting

Secrets of the Sea has always facinated me and April Showers is a favorite too. Both give life to a force of nature in the form of a female. All of Liese’s work is fantasic!


My favorite is Ollie. He reminds me of the little owl who sits in my pine tree every night!


I love “Winter”

Stephanie O'Day

“Flown” really inspires me! Such a great piece and capture of emotion!

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