It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (And a winner!)

Christmas is in the air! What a wonderful weekend it has been. Little Man and I joined Nana, Grandma, and Grandpa for the local Christmas parade and craft fair on Saturday morning. The five of us have made this an annual tradition since Little Man and I moved back to Florida. My boy really enjoyed the parade! He used to be afraid of the loud cars and too timid to go after any candy tossed out from the floats, but this year he was all about it. He was so cute with his Santa hat and was so excited to see Santa at the end.

After the parade we were wandering around the craft fair, chatting and buying treats, when Little Man shocked us all and asked to do the pony ride. He has always been terrified of them in the past. But it was the perfect surprise to get us all in the holiday spirit: Grandma (The Hubs mom) has always wanted a picture of him on a pony, because she has photos of Grandpa, The Hubs, and Uncle on horses all around age 3-4. Now she has one of Little Man, too. So sweet <3 We capped off the weekend with dinner and some shopping today after meeting up to decorate ‘Daddy’s place’ for the holidays, another tradition the past few years.

This weekend was a nice kick start to the busy holiday weeks ahead. This is what it is all about — spending time with your loved ones. I don’t want to rant about how the holidays have become so commercial, but in so many ways it’s true. The events of the past few years have really reminded me what is important, not only during the holidays but always. It’s not about anything material, it’s about people. It’s about relationships. It’s about spending time together and sharing moments and making connections. It’s about helping one another and giving of yourself. It’s about loving each other like He loves us and always expressing it because, as our family knows too well, you really never know how much time you have together. This holiday, it’s back to basics. The best gift we can give anyone is our love. <3

And speaking of gifts (which are still super fun to give and to get! :D ), I have a winner for the first Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations Laurie Almquist, you are the winner of a beautiful piece of artwork by Liese Chavez! Check your email <3 Thank you to all who participated and thank you Liese for your generosity!

Oh, I could go on a rant about the commercialization of Christmas, but I will just say that I agree with you. The tree is beautiful!

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