More Adventures with Pip – Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Pip has been busy lately! (You can check out the elf’s arrival and past adventures here.) In the past week or so he has:

  • crashed the gallery wall and put his own art in the shadow box
  • brought a special Daddy ornament
  • hung around in a stocking
  • left a note on the mirror with some ‘accessories’ for Little Man’s reflection
  • ridden in a parade
  • taken a ride on a reindeer (and fell to his sad death, thank goodness for Santa magic I guess?)

His antics are still the talk of the morning around here. Little Man loves it. What have your elves been up to? Pip is running out of creativity and is currently perched on the counter… :P


Love your adventures with Pip!
Our Elf has been zip-lining from kitchen lights to high chair and tonight…snowball fight?

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