2012 in Review

In less than an hour, we’ll say goodbye to 2012 and welcome in a new year. Are you as baffled as I am that it could be possibly be 2013? I really don’t know where the last year has gone. It seems like each month has passed by faster than the last lately and now here we are, closing one chapter for another. In some ways, I’m a little sad. I never want to feel like I’ve let time pass without being certain I’ve squeezed every bit out of it as possible. But on the other hand, I’m eager to welcome a blank page. A fresh slate, a new book with 365 clear pages ready to be filled.

In an effort to recall, reflect, and record the past year, I’m following tradition with my annual Year in Review post. A lot of blogs do this regarding their blog pursuits but, as with everything else on this blog, I prefer a much more personal approach. The guideline questions I used last year were spot on, so I’m using them again. (Visit Get Busy Living and download the worksheet to write your own year in review.) I encourage you to reflect on your last year as you ready yourself to move forward.

Here’s to 2013. It’s going to be awesome :D


2012 in Review

10 (11 because they are all great!) great things that happened in the past year (in order):

  1. Began Invisalign treatment.
  2. Took control of my fears and went skydiving with an amazing group of ladies in Key West!
  3. Took a fun trip to Savannah with one of my best friends.
  4. Began my MBA degree.
  5. Gave back to the widowed community by photographing Camp Widow East in South Carolina.
  6. Achieved a successful Memorial event for incredibly deserving families in Fort Walton Beach.
  7. Traveled back to South Dakota to reflect and honor The Hubs.
  8. Photographed my lovely friend’s wedding in Maryland.
  9. Little Man started Montessori school!
  10. Took an epic road trip from FL to TN to NC to VA to DC and back to FL with my Mom and Little Man.
  11. Trained for and ran my first 10k at the Marine Corps Marathon events in Washington DC.

I am most proud of these three accomplishments from last year:

  1. Began my MBA degree and maintained a 4.0.
  2. Overcame a huge fear and went skydiving, which became a very meaningful catalyst to overcoming other fears.
  3. Stepped outside of my comfort zone, several times in several ways!

Three great lessons I’ve learned from last year are:

  1. ALWAYS trust your intuition!!!
  2. Know your limits.
  3. Don’t hesitate on opportunities that feel right.

Three personal developments I have made in the past year are:

  1. Became much more comfortable in my own skin and confident in my worth.
  2. Began listening to my own heart rather than succumbing to the influence (perceived or real) of others.
  3. Grown much deeper in my faith.

If I could do things again last year, I would do these three things differently:

  1. Not hold back in telling people how I feel.
  2. Further explore some of my personal interests.
  3. Not allow ‘life’ to interfere with achieving my goals.

Three things I need to do less of in the next year are:

  1. Procrastinate!!
  2. Second-guess myself and/or hold back.
  3. Think about what others are thinking. The degree of this is the key, I will always be a conscientious person.

Three things I need to do more of in the next year are:

  1. Give. (But know WHO to give to…)
  2. Take care of myself.
  3. Enjoy the moment!

Three things I need to stop completely doing in the next year are:

  1. Procrastinating! Did I already mention this?!
  2. Giving up easily.
  3. Putting my worth in the wrong places.

*[For review for this next one, my goals from last year’s post were: 1) Finally discover what I was put on this Earth to do, what I am meant for, what my gifts are and where I am supposed to use them. 2) Develop a deeper sense of self, learn to love who that person is, and allow her to do and be what she desires, without fear of judgement or making mistakes. 3)Take risks. Go higher and farther. Push past boundaries. Put myself out there.]

Three reasons I didn’t achieve my goals from this past year are:
To preface this I must say, these goals were too broad and set me up for failure; my MBA has taught me all about SMART goals ;) But seriously, I think I did achieve my goals for the most part. Here are the three I didn’t and why:

  1. I didn’t discover what I am ‘meant to do’ or figure out my ‘plan’. I did discover my gifts of writing, being a visionary, and leading and encouraging others. This goal didn’t work because I put undue pressure on myself (as usual). All will be revealed in time.
  2. I didn’t completely learn to live without fear of judgement or mistakes. I did, however, finally learn to love myself and have confidence in my worth, abilities, and desires. Some things are just too deeply ingrained to overcome in a year, but I will press on.
  3. I didn’t take every risk I could have, I didn’t push as high as I could have, I let some opportunities pass me by and allowed some boundaries to hold me back. But, I took more risks than I have in a very long time. I reached high and far, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I got out there. This is one goal I actually HOPE I never achieve. I *always* want to reach higher and farther and deeper.

Three goals I want to achieve this next year are:

  1. Find the church where I feel at home with those who are like-minded and encouraging.
  2. Travel to at least 3 new destinations and discover something meaningful there.
  3. Become even stronger, physically and mentally.

Three reasons why I want to achieve these goals are:

  1. While my faith has grown, I’ve realized the importance of fellowship. However, it is SO crucial to me that it be the right kind or I won’t go.
  2. I want to see the world, to constantly reach out of my own little box and experience, give, grow.
  3. I owe it to myself, and my little guy.

Smartest decision I made last year:
Giving it up to God.

Biggest risk I took last year:
Putting my heart out there again.

One sentence that sums up this past year:
This has been a year of taking chances, making mistakes, experiencing growth, learning SO much, and desiring MORE.

One year from right now, I want to my ideal day to look like this:
Simple. Surrounded by people who I love and who love me in return, smiling and laughing and truly enjoying every moment, feeling completely content and at peace. Finally.

Cheering you on!

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