My dear friend A surprised me today. She was going through some old boxes when she found some pictures from our high school days. Among those were several of The Hubs. She was so kind to bring them to me and give me a glimpse of the good ‘ole days…

Of all them, this one is my favorite. This was early in our senior year of high school, when we were both 17 years old. We were in the back seat of A’s car, likely going to lunch or to the park we often went to in the afternoons. From the odd angle, it looks like I was sitting on his lap, or in the middle between friends but leaning on The Hubs. Although I don’t remember this exact day, I remember the feeling. This was right around the time we first started to realize we had feelings for each other more than just friendship…what sweet and exciting days those were, to wonder if your best friend might be your true love.

At the time of this picture, we didn’t know we would end up dating briefly and then break up over something stupid. We didn’t know that after he joined the service after graduation, we would eventually realize we were really in love. We didn’t know that the first time we saw each other again, we would immediately know we were meant to be together forever. We didn’t know we would be engaged within two months of seeing each other again, and married one month after that. We didn’t know we would move across the sea to a foreign land together. We didn’t know we would have so many adventures and have so much fun. We didn’t know we would become pregnant with a child, a son. We didn’t know we would build a gorgeous home and feel so content. We didn’t know we would be so, so happy together….until death do us part. And we didn’t know how quickly that parting would come.

Those innocent (okay, maybe not completely, haha) young teenagers only knew each other. They only knew how much fun they had together, and how they brought out the best in each other. They only knew they’d found a best friend for life. They only knew they felt a spark that could ignite a great flame. They only knew a great life was ahead of them…

For so long I thought I’d never feel that zest for life again. That feeling of potential greatness, that exhilaration of knowing something wonderful was ahead of you. But lately, that happy young girl has been standing back up (this time with stronger feet and a wiser mind). That young zeal is returning. That desire for life and potential and future and adventure and love. That happiness. And to see this picture today brought the hugest smile to my face. It was perfectly timed, almost as if a nudge from The Hubs to remember that girl. A nod that he was proud that I’ve been embracing her boldness and vitality again. And a sign that he will always be with me, no matter how far forward I get down this new path.

I will treasure this picture, and those memories, forever. (Thank you A!) <3


Hey Erin

I just saw this last post and I don’t know why but it put a smile on my face. What you describe sounded fresh and somehow familiar with my own old old (but not that old either) days of high school. I really laughed when you wrote about the innocent young (but not completely) teenagers…it is so true and universal.
How great to read that this picture brought a smile on your face instead of a tear.

See you soon

Remember that girl. That BOLD girl. Love and hugs, so proud of you.

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