A Month of Letters

If you know me well, you know I have a ridiculous love for paper goods. I adore stationary and have a massive collection of note cards, postcards, stationary sheets, etc. I’ve always been fond of writing letters, and have carried it far beyond the years of origami-folded, SWAK-adorned gossip notes in school. There is something so intimate about a hand-written letter, so cherished in the attention to detail, so personal in the curved lettering and crisp ink and smooth paper.

So when I heard of the Month of Letters challenge, I totally geeked out. This is right up my alley! Not only will it be fun to write the letters and use my stationary, and may potentially help me bust out of my currently highly annoying creative rut, but it also gives me the chance to reach out to the people I love.

The premise is simple: mail something every day for the month of February. (By the challenge rules, it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be a letter. It can be a picture, a postcard, a leaf in an envelope, whatever. I’ll likely be taking it old-school. Here are the FAQ’s.)

I’m a little late getting started and there are a few Sundays and Holidays to consider, so starting tomorrow I will be writing a total of 20 letters throughout the rest of the month. I have no plan of who to write them to, I’ll just wing it by whoever or whatever crosses my mind each day. I think the spontaneity of it is what will give this it’s charm. If I have someone’s address, they’ll get a surprise in the mail. If not, I’ll find them and ask for it. Who doesn’t love mail?

So, it will be quiet around here this month other than picture posts or short things here and there (hint: I may pic-spam some of my letter creations, and at least one InstaTravel is coming later this month, yay). I’m taking my writing to the pen. If you also love to write letters, check out LetterMo and join in, and be sure to let me know in the comments! Or if you’d like me to write you a letter, let me know. I’d love to! :)


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