Call to Action

If you’ve picked up on the hints I’ve dropped in past blog posts, you probably know I’ve had something very exciting brewing in the background for a few months now. I’m so anxious for the day when I can announce it in full, but for now I’d like to put out a call for action:

  • if you are a military widow whose spouse was either killed in action in Afghanistan or as a result of service in Afghanistan such as injury, illness, or mental illness
  • if you are interested in being connected with Afghan women who are widows of members of the Afghan National Army who fought alongside our troops
  • if you want to become an essential part of a one-of-a-kind organization that strives to unite widows in America and Afghanistan on the common threads of hope, peace, and empowerment for the future

then please email me at for more information about getting involved in the starting stages of a unique project that is among the first of it’s kind. Or if you are a reader who knows of a woman who fits these parameters, I would love if you put her in touch with me. Please feel free to share this blog post on your own blog, on Facebook or other social media sites, and help me spread the word.

Change starts with one small Strand of Hope.

Thank you so much! <3

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