Tonight is the first night in over two months that I’ve felt like writing. Somewhere along the way, I lost my mojo. I don’t really feel the need to write about loss and grief anymore with the exception of rare moments, but I don’t really feel like writing happy inspirational stuff all the time either. I don’t feel witty enough to post up funny stuff, my daily life is too boring for general recaps, and I’m not talented enough to share regular tutorials. Okay, maybe I’m being critical of myself. But in general I’ve just felt unmotivated to write for a long time now. That’s rather jarring, since writing is such a part of me. If I don’t do it publicly, I at least write in a private journal daily…but not lately. Perhaps I’m a bit burnt out. More likely I’m just a little lost. I’m spending a bit too much time at this crossroads of life, but instead of contemplating each path and boldly choosing one to venture down, I’ve plopped down on my ass and smiled at the people passing by following their paths, hiding behind the encouragement I give them as an excuse to not get up, brush the dust off, and just pick a freaking direction already.

Anyway, my midlife crisis aside, I felt at least the tiniest pull to the keyboard tonight so I jumped on it. And if I’ve not lost all of my dear readers with my extended absence *crickets…* I’d love some feedback. Will you give me your thoughts below? It’s anonymous, and will perhaps give this girl a much needed kick in the arse. <3

daniel mandeville

Just you writing is all I look forward to even if it’s about girly stuff I don’t know about.

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