High Five for Friday

Happy Friday folks! Here are a few things I am feeling thankful and happy about this week:

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#1. Bowling with the fam. I haven’t been bowling in ages, since The Hubs and I were in Okinawa to be exact. So when Grandma and Grandpa suggested some family fun of bowling and dinner, I was all over it. They took Little Man on his first bowling adventure a few months ago when he spent the weekend with them, and now it was time for him to ‘teach’ Mommy. We had a blast and I even got a few strikes (but no turkey, dang it…next time!).

#2. Consistently running. It’s been almost a year since I ran (if I’m honest, ran/walked) the MCM 10K in honor of The Hubs, and since then I’ve let running go. But the lure of those peaceful morning runs and the endorphins I felt after kept calling to me, so I picked it up again a month or so ago. This week I seem to have broke through some sort of barrier and it’s feeling easier. I’m also celebrating because I have managed to listen to my body this time and progress slow enough to not get the shin splints that plagued me last time. Yay for icing (and frozen veggies in times of need).

#3. New books! I am an avid reader. I also love to write, and love God. These things all came together in an awesome way when I joined up with Moody Publishers as a book reviewer. This week I received my first book, The In-Between by Jeff Goins. This book has arrived at the perfect time in my life. I am so excited to read it and share it with you soon.

#4. Progress on a project. You might remember from this post that I have been developing a new organization that has the potential to be life-changing for widows. It’s been slow-going, as most good things are. But what I haven’t mentioned is that I am also going to be filmed as the project progresses and eventually launches. For the past year or so I have been working with an amazing documentary filmmaker. This week we set firm plans for our first filming. I am suddenly nervous (terrified, actually), but it will be worth it. More on this to come! (And I am still looking for volunteers, so please email me if you are interested after reading this.)

#5. Best friends. You see, I have this amazing friend. This week, she showed me yet again why I love her so dearly. Yes, we laugh and have silly jokes and go on fun adventures together. Yes, we can vent and unload and understand each others weirdness and accept each other just as we are. And while all of these things are great, the best part of a best friend is that you are there for each other no matter what. You help them see when things get too cloudy, you help them walk when the load is too heavy, you lift each other up when you fall. She believed in me this week, and helped me remember that I can believe in myself too.

So what good things are you grateful for this week? Link up with us below and share in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


I miss bowling! There was an awesome little bowling alley in my town, and I used to bowl there every Saturday night… plus we used to take my little cousins there a lot during the day… but it got shut down. :(

that book sounds good!!

bowling with the family,i love doing that,too!

great blog you have!

happy weekend!

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