High Five for Friday

Happy Friday folks! Here are a few highlights from my week:

#1. Silly moments with this crazy dude. Seriously, he is awesome. Some days I just stare at him in wonder, amazed by so many things at once: is this really the same fragile infant I brought home from the NICU on meds and a/b monitors for the first three months of his life?! how does he manage to nail his Daddy’s expressions and mannerisms when he can’t remember him? where did he get such life wisdom? can some of his sense of humor rub off on me?!

#2. NOT stepping on this thing. I literally came inches from pounding right on him during my run the other day and managed to hop over him instead. After I got control of my bladder, I noticed he was more scared than I was and had completely frozen. Of course I took that opportunity to catch my breath and take a picture. On a victorious note, I had three awesome runs this week. Another planned for tomorrow. Score!

#3. Getting down and dirty on DIY projects. I’ve been dreaming of built in bookcases around the front picture window for ages and, inspired by creations such as this and this, decided to try my hand at some Billy built-ins rather than drop thousands on a custom carpenter. I bought and set the Billy’s up back in June, but with a busy summer the finishing progress has been slow. This week, the last touches are finally going up and I am psyched. I love when something comes together like you pictured it in your head, and it’s extra sweet knowing I did it all myself. More about this later!

#4. Mini-makeover, woot! Trying something different is always fun and well, if you know me IRL you know I can’t stick with the same style for very long. Today I went shorter and lightened up a bit, and I’m loving it so far. The summer heat got the best of me and I needed to drop some bulk, and plenty of time in the sun and a week straight of day-long pool adventures had already bleached my hair (in a not so pretty way). So I decided to embrace it. Now…we’ll see if I can style it tomorrow on my own.

#5. A successful first week of school for this guy! My little guy started Pre-K/Kindergarten this past Monday *tear*. He attends a private Montessori school where Pre-K and K are combined in one class, so there wasn’t a lot of fanfare about his ‘first day of Kindergarten’. He started Preschool last year and not only adjusted beautifully but excelled, so much so that his teacher recommended he start Kindergarten early. So we will see how this year goes in the combined class and next year decide if he goes on to 1st grade a year early or sticks with his peers. He had a wonderful first week and made two new ‘best friends’ already. My little social butterfly…I wonder where he gets that from! ;) While it’s been a positive week, tonight I’ve been feeling bittersweet thinking how much The Hubs would get a kick out of all this. I imagine every significant moment in Little Man’s life will be that way…

So what was good about your week? Link up with us and ponder the happy things in your life! Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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