Project News!

The time has come, and I’m so excited I wanted to share in a video instead of a regular post. PROJECT NEWS! :D

Introducing Strands of Hope from ERIN on Vimeo.

(I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow with a huge update post on the last few weeks.)

Belinda Y. Cheatham

I think this is a God thing, and you are so Special to think beyond that time in the future. With God’s help and direction, let me and Mr. Guy Cheatham, Sr. if we can help you in any way. Love to you in your efforts and endeavors. God Bless and your son.


Erin, so excited to hear of your new project, please let me know how we can support you!


Great job on the new project. Very excited for you! Cannot wait to hear more and would love to help if you need it!


Thank you for your wonderful comments, Belinda! I agree, God has definitely had a hand in this. This project is a way to love our neighbors, and begin breaking through the stigma of war and uniting two countries on what we have in common. I pray for success! Thank you for your encouragement.


Thank you so very much! :)


I appreciate your support, thank you! I will definitely be updating on the progress as it rolls along!

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You just rock, lady. So exciting!

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